Zoo shoot

I managed to sleep for a decent 3 hours, get on an early morning train to London, arrive at Holborn Studios, and have people fuss, over my face, hair, orange bikini, and then have great men, take pictures of my boobies, and film it…whilst my dad was still in the hospital. That’s what i call professional!! Or ‘Crazy?’ (I’m like that insane jungle woman that you shoot 74 times, that keeps getting back up, even more bloodied, and twats you over the head with a giant fish, whilst doing a ‘jiggery pokery’ type dance thing…before you keel over and die! Um…? I’ll just get back to the story.) The whole way there i felt numb, away and tired. Once i arrived, i felt alive, and powered by what my dad had said…I’m now DETERMINED to make something of myself, make my mark in life, do the ‘Wunna’ name justice. So many famous faces had walked through those studio doors, as film stars shoot there, and music legends shoot there, i walk up all wet from the rain, ask for Studio 4…i saunter up, and see a massive stage set door saying’ Zoo magazine,’ I smile, i rock on in, and i do my shoot. There were a bunch of beautiful girls there…i was the most un-beautifullest, but i LOVED EVERY SINGLE moment. It was just what i needed, and i just couldn’t believe it…OH MY GOD..and it’s all down to a friend i had met years and years ago, on a tv show thing we both dropped out of!! (fyi, YOU ROCK!) I know you may think it’s a bit ‘crap’ for my dad to be fighting for his life, whilst i’m standing getting pictures taken, talking about my fave sex position, with my boobs out, and the word ‘Zoo’ plastered over the ‘ass part’ of my bikini, but…it’s a story to tell, and made him happy!! So i score major points in Heaven!!! MAJOR!! I pretty much made everyone happy today, and i didn’t even tell the lovely ‘Zoo’ people what had happened. I just did my job! Then as soon as i was done, i sprinted across the streets of London…in heels…( i couldn’t feel the pain for once.) Hopped on the next train home, had a grey haired Irish Lord hit on me, the whole way back. He was actually lovely, but 30 years too old for me, too wide, and a bit pervy…but still lovely because he graciously bought me a coffee, on the train, told me i was now his ‘special friend,’ (wink wink,) gave me his card, told me to call him, and repeatedly reminded me of my beauty….or was it my boobs?? (10 points.) I got off the train, rode around Wakefield on a free bus, for no particular reason, met my ‘Wonderful Wizard’ who’s my fathers protege…and my ‘always there for me, known him for over 10 years, threw me out of a window, but i’m hoping he doesn’t stick his willy in a Goth girl…’ best friend…and he took me to my daddy’s bedside. He held my dads hand. My dad is getting better. Yet, unfortunately is leaping  out of bed, at un-social hours, completely ‘penis out’, butt naked, dangling it around for 3 seconds then colapsing in a heap, on the floor, forgetting he can’t actually walk!! Love it!!

Y’ know, the weird thing is, (back to ME)… during this hard time…which hasn’t seemed to hit me yet, i’m starting to get offerred some AMAZING jobs. I simply can’t believe it??? But i’m sooooooo grateful, as i need them right now!! They’ve come at a good time!! As i was walking into my ‘Zoo’ shoot, (God, i loved it,) i listenned to a voicemail from a big TV show, telling me i had booked the job. (WHAT!!??!!) I told you i was ‘magic’ again!! Then after the shoot, (i screamed on the streets happily, due to the TV show news….) then i recieved an immediate text, and a following phone call about another big big launch shoot, for a tabloid!! (OMG!!!!)  I think i’m finally gonna be a Star!! I think, i’m finally gonna be a Star!!

2 thoughts on “Zoo shoot”

  1. im so sorry to hear your dad is unwell i hope he gets well soon chriise send him my love. im pleased the zoo shoot went well xhrissie i knew u would chriise im sorry the weather wernt nice for u today on your missions babe. congrats on the tv show chriise, let me know when the zoo isue comes out babe as i will buy a copy have a good weekend chrissie take care babe tada scratch xxx

  2. Congrats on the shoot and I’m glad your dad is doin’ well… I Loves You Babay!!! Talk to you soon…




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