Zoo First Timer VOTE

Boys! For those of you who are unaware, i am currently in Zoo as a first timer. Please do go onto their website zootoday.com, click on first timers, and score me a 10, and all the other girls a 1..as i never seem to win these things, and it always ends up being some chick who was undeserving. Well not always…but yeah…always (but only because it’s not me.) I need all the help i can get! So please make a little asian girl smile, and get a voting!! I need a 9.0 to win!! You’ll find me, i’m in my garden, around sun and trees…and ofcourse i forgot to wear my bra!! Oopsy!

Big kisses

4 thoughts on “Zoo First Timer VOTE”

  1. consider it done chrissie how many votes can u make a day babe ? sorry if me typing is pony i am out of me cannister i got on it last night. good luck chrissie i hop u win babe


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