You’re gonna hear me ‘ROAR.


Morning my little dumpings!

Beautiful morning. Feeling really great today.

Both my babies are now back in nursery, after the most WONDERFUL Christmas holiday imaginable and to be honest, they love it there because they both, in fact including myself, Β have such a great bond with the ladies down at nursery. I’m ever grateful for their help and well yeah…they love a bit of Chrissie Wunna. πŸ™‚ My loin fruit keeps them happy. πŸ™‚

I will say that after having Ruby and Junior for 24/7 straight, I’m going to MISS my little rug rats immensely. Just having them around me has been a glitzy comfort. Even the hard, annoying times. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. They’re my BABIES. I ADORE EVERY INCH OF THEM. However, Mama has got to get some work done and that work needs to be done in order for the bambinos to have everything they want. Work now. Play later. My folks work hard all their life for me and I want to do just the same. I have a really loving family and a really great bond with my folks and brother. I want the same for my ‘winkles.’ I have two right now, but in the future I hope to have another two. i’d like a larger family.

Okay, so you’d think after all that i’ve been going through i’d be all down in the dump. But like I said, i’ve weirdly become STRONG LIKE BULL and I’m truly feeling great. I’ve got a buzz about me and this streak of utter confidence that is irrepressible. I’m talented. I’m lucky and I feel loved. Now, I’m going to concentrate on the opportunities that I have been so blessed to have been given and i’m going to GET MY BREAK ON! Watch!

In life balance is important, but to get to where you want to be, you have to clearly work hard and focus. They the people who waste time, waste time and don’t take on their baggage…especially if YOU YOURSELF have opportunity a knocking that could change your entire life. I thought 2014 was going to be a ‘hide under the duvet’ year. But i’m a strong, glammy kitten and yeah I reckon i’m a tad bit inspiring. INNIT! πŸ™‚ After what I’m going to label THE BEST END TO A SATURDAY EVER and THE BEST MEETING THAT COULD’VE TAKEN PLACE FOR ME AT 5PM ON A SATURDAY EVER…my confidence, focus and just plain old lucky stars have shot through the roof! Thinngs are going to start moving faster than I imagined and well i’m strapped in and ready. yet this time it’s all about ME and all about CAREER. I’m gonna do it. Why? Just because I CAN!

So everyone going through whatever turmoil you’re going through, be grateful for what you have, the talents you have and treat everyone who you care for, or who cares for you with respect. WORK HARD at what you want. Don’t take on the negative and inspire others. If people hate on you. Let them. Their own waste of minutes really. They can just watch YOU do well. Usually the people who mess up don’t ever end up having anything to show for themselves after messing up. Concentrate on being fabulous. Β Be a good person, be determind, but don’t take life TOO SERIOUSLY. Refrain from being foolish and well’ Bobs ya Uncle.’ WIN! WIN! WIN! Cha-Ching. All anyone needs in life is that nudge or that someone that whips you back into place for the good, to get you back on track. Saturday evening was surprisingly, OUT OF NOWHERE AMAZING and I feel very lucky. You can’t keep a good Wunna down.

So, yeah now…lots coming up! (I’m finding this blog a little awkward because as i’m typing this guy keeps re-asking me to be my slave. It was actually quite funny, because when I was in dire straits mode and being ‘separated,’ I had my heart falling out my chest and at the same time, frequent,manic, messenger messages popping in every second from a boy, constantly asking me if being a ‘pay piggy’ was going to be okay and if I could humiliate him for kicks? It sort of made me giggle, during such a rough time..which sort of made me realize that life is too short and that things are never really ever as bad at they seem. The universe is massive, (believe it or not πŸ™‚ ) and there is so much going on. Don’t focus on the little bits of negative that don’t matter when it comes to the big picture. If you do and we all do at times…snap out of it. If you don’’re a fool…’boi.’

Okay, so yes, great Saturday meeting. Back to being the ‘cookie of tough.’

Enough about 2013 already and lets gently grab you by the chin and delicately turn your head to Chrissie Wunna 2014.


Β Β 


As you now know, the first thing being launched from my beauty line are lashes.

My first batch of samples got to me. I received two boxes and 5 types of specifically chosen lashes..and out of HUNDREDS! It’s not that easy, Your eyes go boggly. The boxes where just samples and not the finished product, but I also made some changes. A new box was designed. However, here are the boxed lashes from my first sent over sample. Again, not a finished product…just a basic outline of what it WILL BE.

I ADORE THEM and it feels really good to see something that holds your name that is going to be sold to the masses. It goes along the grain of ‘Wunna land.’ I love my false lashes, so to me it totally makes sense. I wear mine every day. I mean, Holy crap! I’ve slept in mine. πŸ™‚ But yeah, Β I’ve done all of it MYSELF. I’ve grafted it all and carved the correct path in order for them to hopefully be a success. I’ve worked really hard and I don’t want you to think that it was just given to me. I’ve done this MYSELF and with the heart of a lioness. πŸ™‚ It sort of makes it a labour of love and makes me really proud of myself. LOL.

I’ve got a destiny and a beauty isn’t JUST IT, but it’s certainly something that i’ve always wanted to do and always wanted to do MY WAY. πŸ™‚ You’ve got to try. TRYING until you’re blue in the face is EVERYTHING,. That way you can never feel a sense of regret and you never let yourself down.

So the above boxes are now going to get spruced up and ‘dollified.’ Not too much as that’s costly, a bit time consuming (i’m a mum of two, it’s not that easy πŸ™‚ ) and well I want it to be FUN and I want it to represent ME…but i don’t want it to be tacky. I’m good at making things tacky, so I need to put the reins of myself, otherwise the major retailers will just *cringe* at the sight of me coming.

It’s weird because this time, I actually KNOW what i’m doing! Plus, my edumacation πŸ˜‰ Β down at Ann Summers helped a lot.

You’re going to adore the beauty line. I promise. But it’s still early doors just yet. I’m looking to launch them when the sunshine is out. Launches to me, always feel better when the sun’s out. PLUS, there’s a hell of a lot more work to do, before I get too excited about all that. I’m going to fit it all in, with the children, the new telly stuff πŸ™‚ , auditions, work and life in general.

I’m naturally a creative and I KNOW what I want for the shoot. At first I was going to use other models, but apparently it’ll look daft selling a brand under a ‘Chrissie Wunna’ title and not having my own face advertising it in the beginning. Until the name becomes a brand that is.

I get that. So now i’m gonna have to do it. (Lol. I thought I could smooze of it.) I’d get Rubes to do it if she wasn’t TWO. πŸ™‚

I have a really great idea, and it’s lots and lots of FUN. To me, it’s the perfect way to advertise the lash line…so I’ve started the planning of it all and working with a director to get it exactly right. Wont’ take long. I work fast when it comes to picture taking and creative picture taking ideas. Plus, I reckon i’m a dab hand at the old marketing. πŸ˜‰

I do have to also NAME the different styles of lashes that will be part of the range. You can’t really just come out with ONE TYPE OF LASH. It makes no sense and is so much harder to get them into retailers. (OOh, I am completely needing a spray tan and getting a spray tan flash back right now.) Now, I have three types of lashes. Only three because that’s all I could afford to spend right now, budget wise. Yet I have to name the three styles. I need a theme? Do i name them after my favourite glamour pusses, my favourite male encounters? What? Help me! Something new, fresh, fun and ME, that isn’t the usually run of the mill ‘Flirt/Doll/Natural.’ Something shocking but commercially great.

I’ll leave that with you…

Great weather today! Feeling positive, dandy and ready to take the bull by the horns!

Loving Celeb Big Brother right now. Definitely wanting..


to win!

I love Ollie and so far he’s my fave. But i do think Lee and Casey are a fun little number and well Luisa and Dappy annoy me. It’s funny because if they’re paired up with someone shitty, who’s caused a stink, they sort of then need to scramble away at ‘keeping themselves in the house.’ I find that funny. But it’s great, because it forces them to play the game.

Other than that, I watched the Britney Spears/Britney Jean documentary last night, following the set up of her Vegas residency. I ADORED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. Yet I’m a massive Britney Spears fan. I love her. She’s been through a lot, but she’s come through the other end smiling.

C-ya dolls!







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