Your **** or Mine?


OMG! I have had the day off work, so i’ve Christmas shopped all day…like a maniac. (I thought this was a task that I had fully completed the week previous…) alas…i was wrong.

I bought and bought, swiped, handed over cash and purchased, to the point where even I thought that this whole Christmas gift buying malarky was beginning to get a little bit out of hand…even when you have two babies. I mean, what i’ve spent is ridonkulous. But whatever the children love the whole swirl and magic of the season, the eve and the day…so at the end of the day, as long as i keep working hard, i’ll feel better about my Christmas spending. Y’see, i’m much better at spending money on myself than I am others. HAH.

I’ve written this blog from my much needed relaxation bath. When you’re a mum, you never get to do ANYTHING in private, you will always always have an audience….if you’re a Mummy doing it by herself and you have two pieces of delicious loin fruit.

Today…no one watched me in the bath…Lol…but me! Hurrah! In fact, i must’ve found it so odd and bizarrely boring that I invited you into my bath as an audience out of habit, ‘attention whoriness’ and boredom. (That all sounds wrong…but i assure you, it wasn’t pervy…i simply ‘selfied’ my face with a thumbs up and my laptop. Nothing to pull ya pants down over. HAHAH.

I’m at work tomorrow, but i’m still trying to sort out my weekend.

It’s my birthday TOMMORROW. A lot of you have already sent me the most delightful birthday wishes. Thank you so much. My inbox is brimming with smiles instead of willy pics.

I’m mildy disturbed because alongside my own name ‘Chrissie Wunna’, one of the top searches that aided folk to my blog was ‘your cock or mine’ Why, oh why!?! Kill me! How about LASHES. EYELASHES, BEAUTY. LOVE.

I’m gonna have to shoot off because i have a nursery run to do in about a minute…

But i’ll check in later.

Love you x

Wunna x

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