Your *$*)*@ or Mine?


What the hell is ‘Your cock or mine’ dot com? Honestly, what is it? I mean, I haven’t really helped myself by writing this blog and mentioning it. But what is it? A dating site?

Lots of you have no clue who ‘Chrissie Wunna’ is, have gone and searched Google, by tapping in the words ‘Your *&()& or Mine?’ And you have found yourself at Hahaha. Shit really, as it’s far less exciting. I should be honoured.

But, almost every day now, it’s on my top search table, which tells me what YOU, yes YOU have searched to get here. ‘Chrissie Wunna’ wasn’t even an option, until waaaaaay down the line. Lol. Imagine trying to find last minute dating porn and ending up here….just some Burmese/Yorkshire chick rambling on about herself for attention. HAHAHA.

But whatever it is, it must be good. I’d go on it, if i was old and frigid.

I mean the other day, it stated that people had searched the oddest love song lyrics, followed by ‘some girl gets shagged by a farmer with sheep’ or something??’

I’m meant to be trying to promote a brand, myself, or a bunch of eyelashes. HAHAH.

I’m obviously and as always… doing a great job.

*Thumbs Up.*

Happy Friday!

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