Your accent is weird dude

About to go to bed now, as i have an early start, and an even earlier trip to the make-up counter. I adore shopping for make-up, it’s almost nearly…magical. I’m a true girls girl, yet who seems to only have male friends? Bizarre, right? I’m knackered, my throat is sore, and i’ve just got off the phone with ‘Latin Lover’ my dreamboat bundle of snuggles, who along with a lot of love, got made fun of for sounding like a ‘country bumpkin.’ He’s in Ohio, right now, and has started to talk a little funny. He says everything a little too ‘all American’ for my liking. He sounds all ‘slap of the thigh and cheesy smiley’ which is never good, (especially since he’s mexican) unless you’re making fun of someone. He claims i sound like a ‘snotty spoilt English bratt,’ …and i do, on occasion, as i’ve seem to have lost my dizzy blond american accent.  Not sure where it went?? Probably sitting somewhere with my virginity. All i can say is … at least i don’t sound like ‘Speedy Gonzales’ when i’m mad. He’s got to get out of Ohio, and return to the safety net of Hollywood. It’s killing his HOTNESS. I do too, yet it looks like i’m gonna be here (the kingdom of our Liz) for bloody ages. I still have my suitcase packed and ready for departure. Something good better come of all this uneccessary work, i’m doing out here. I’m going to bed, i’m tired. My diets going shit. I’m eating tremendously healthy yet putting on weight. It really doesn’t bother me, as my curves are my second best friend, after my ego. So i’m sure i’ll be fine. I love my whole ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ attitude….it always is! I know how to pull out a good punch, when it matters. (‘Punch’ as in booze, and not as in ‘fist,’…lol)

2 thoughts on “Your accent is weird dude”

  1. dont knock elizabeth or england chrissie or me and u will fall out babe. i think everyone has a funny accent and most people dont think they have one as people say i have a thick london accent but i think i speak normal like

  2. i bet u got a funny accent aint u chrissie half hollywood half ay up and youkshire . me old man still has his west country accent it is well embarssing osmetimes i have to tell him to shut his norf have a great weekend chrissie take care treacle tada scratch xxxx


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