You know what i did once

At this minute i’m watching Katreya get booted off ‘Big Brother’ and booed quite badly. But that’s not what i wanted to ramble on about.Hurrah!! I actually forgot to tell you the best part of gathered information of the day! Whilst i was ‘blah, blah, blahing’ on (quite glamourorsly, might i add) about my future ultimate stardom, and all that really interesting, but not all all, good stuff…(shit i’ts soooooo hard to type, with Fuck Me nails,) a darlingly delicate young lady, with a key necklace tied around her neck with leather, stops me and says:

‘You know what i did once….’

Okay, when people say this, you always know it’s gonna be GREATNESS, as the word ‘once’ states that it will never happen again due to some devastating hurt. People tend to always want to tell their inner most secret sins, whether i want to listen or not, but this is a good one. Our conversation went like this:

‘You know what i did once??? I once was sooooo drunk, and had no bus fare home, so i ATE a one-legged tadpole for 30 pence….so i could get home.’

‘ Oh my God that’s HORRID! You can’t eat a tadpole, when it’s disabled. It had ONE fucking leg!! You ate a disabled tadpole for 30p…?’


‘That’s worse than being a prostitute!!’

The great thing about this conversation is that most people freeze up, when i’m actually infront of them…but oh no…. i had never met this lovely lady in my life before EVER, and 7 minutes into meeting me, telling me she was so excited to meet me (and after telling me that Pontefract is full of inbreeds) she confessed ‘disabled tadpole eating’ for silver coins. Thats what i call GREATNESS!!

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  1. u get some right weird breeds in your manor dont u chrissie eating tadpoles to get home if it was a gril our way they would of givne the cabbie a shine ot get home or at least got her tit out i hope u have a great day tommorow take care chrissie tada scratch


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