You get it wrong every time

Just got home from watching ‘What happens in Vegas’ at the cinema…that one with Ashton Kutcher, and Ms Diaz in. Best movie ever…made me miss my life!! Then made me want to cry a little because i missed my life…hahah. But all i can say is, NOW i have ‘belly laughed’ and i feel much better. I am currently a wee bit sick. Suffering from dizzy spells, is not my favourite pastime, however i guess it’s better than herpes. It was my cousins birthday today, and i don’t always seem to get along with my cousins deep down, as they use my mum for money. And for those of you who don’t know, i am HIGHLY protective over those that i care about. HIGHLY! So as you can imagine, this does not go down well with me.

I’m currently tucked up in bed. I have a theme park day tomorrow. I am happy, sad, a little bit dizzy, and wondering why everyone is psycho-analysing me??? It happens all the time. I guess i just have one of those ‘ooh gee, whatsits’ that make people want to know why??? I say don’t guess….as you pretty much ALWAYS..haha…get it WRONG!! And like everytime!! I actually kind of like the ‘stories’ that people come up with, as it’s interesting to see, how they see??? I guess??? And also because i’m an attention whore. Hardly anyone’s got it right ever, apart from the people that actually know me…and sometimes they even balls it up at times!! I, however NEVER balls anything up…!! Well apart from balls!!

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