You are Mine!

Just got out of the most bubbliest of baths. I love a luxury bath, that i can ‘ooh this is lovely’ in. Give me bubbles, wine, peace and the odd kitten to look at, and i’m in heaven. The best thing about it was that i managed to achieve a not too hot, yet not too cold bubbly bath….Infact it was deliciously perfect. I mean, i can’t stand it when i *pout-hair toss* in and it’s a cloudy cold excuse of a bath, (i get mad at myself) and  feel like i’ve just stood in a puddle. (Even weeing yourself is warmer.) Cold water in a bath, completely takes the luxury out of the experience. I like my water HOT..steamy hot. However, not too hot, that i have to creep into it like it might attack me or like i got visciously bullied at school. If it doesn’t make me go ‘Oooh’ (and that’s with anything,) then you can send it right back and give me a better version. Be it baths, boys, beach balls or booze. (Infact no…i’ll drink anything.)

Anyway, (i rambled on then) instead of being a decent and normal human being, I got out my bath, because i heard Footloose playing. Easily distracted. I leapt out of ‘bath time’ with a sincere excitement, put on a pair of knicker knacks and with a kitty *grab* of a baby pink towel, I ran like my tragic life depended on it, to perform my version of the song….naked, in the living room and with other family members. (They were clothed. Thank fucking GOD.) I did have a towel on by the way. I mean i don’t show my Father my boobs.

Anyway, my version of anything is either insane, slaggy, party party, or slaggy. I went with insane, but had the best time ever much. I was literally leaping gleefully off fine pink leather sofas and doing split and *shocked* faces to Footloose, whilst watching ‘Kevin Bacon’ being all odd on my telly. It kinda made my luxury bath pointless. Infact, i also got tangled in my own hair extensions in the midst of excitement. Twice today to! My weave is eating me alive.

On the boy front. I’m meant to be calling Latin Lover tonight. He’s in a different country to me, therefore i need to remember the time zones, and well i can’t remember anything sober. I mean, the other day whilst walking down Camden road, i was explaining to a friend that i’m either existing really really drunk, or really really hungover and nothing in between. I’m sober right now, and yeah…it’s weird. My brain doesn’t work or anything.

Fernando…the hottie that fancies me in Italy, (I don’t know if you remember, but i used to talk to him last year, after my awful much break up with Jonny,) he talked to me today, saying he was single, and wanting me to go Italy and be his etc… (the usual.) However, i remember us falling out, simply because he believed i wasn’t 100% attentive. Like if i didn’t immediately reply to his messaged, he’d throw a Queeny fit and well…that’s a turn off to me. A ‘Fit’ i don’t mind. I mean it’s hot when someone says ‘I don’t like it when you do dont.” I like people who aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel, what to do, what not to do, and speak their mind. HOWEVER, throwing a tantrum, like acting like a little spoilt bratt and committing to a child-like ‘You’re obviously too busy for me and other things are more important than me…so FINE..i’m gonna delete you,’ is firstly quite funny and secondly far too girly for me to be attracted to you anymore. But i talked to him. I just don’t fancy him. With me, it’s weird, you get your shot to make an impression. I’m a tolerant girl. Yet once i’m FULLY done. I’m done. I won’t be venturing off to Italy. But great guy!

I’ve noticed that a great deal of men sort of DEMAND my attention….even the ones i don’t know and i don’t know why?? They’re naturally possessive creatures i think? Yet i’m a full, frillied playful social butterfly. Therefore my independance and ‘nitter natter’ pisses them off, because they feel i don’t need them. I’m the girl every boy wants to tame. They want to nail me with a ‘PROPERTY OF..’ stamp, and execute a wooing method of ‘YOU ARE MINE!‘ I don’t actually mind if i am actually with them, but if i’m not…. they kinda need to back off and let me do my thang! I think it makes them feel powerful? Taming the wild one, making her yours.

If i don’t know the boy, i honestly don’t at all care. If i do and they’re a friend, i’m attentive if they don’t MAKE me be. (I hate being MADE to do anything.) If they’re my best friend, Like Jonny,

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