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Hi Darlings!  (A bit busy, so this has got to be a quickie.) So i just got kicked out of the land of BBF-ing, by Miss. Hilton herself and now i have all that boxed up and shelved behind me, a bit of a swagger and a whole lot of love, I get the chance to get back to being ‘Chrissie Wunna’ (The Deliciously Naughty Queen of All bloggers) REJOICE!!!

The YORKSHIRE EVENING POST, has politely asked me to take part in a LIVE WEB CHAT for you TOMORROW (Friday) at 12 noon -( Since you’re all interested and all that good stuff!!! Note: If you are from LA…we are 8hrs ahead of you,) where in which YOU GUYS can ask The Ultimate Queen of Greatness (ME!!) Anything you so desire…make it a good one!

I’m annoyingly candid, naughty and bold…so feel free to fire away. I promise (fingers crossed behind my back) to tell you my view on ANYTHING. So whether you want to ask me about My life, Your Life, The blog, My sexual conquests, Hollywood, Yorkshire, Glamour Modelling, Drugs, Good Times, Bad times, The Size Zero detabe, if you have problems in LOVE, SEX, Marriage, Sausage rolls, Who i’m dating, Who i’d never date, what i’m doing, why i’m doing, who i’m doing it for and everything in between…

I will be at www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk  tomorrow from 12 noon onwards, answering your merry questions. (And i am actually going into Leeds to the Yorkshire Evening Post offices, and not simply fobbing you off (ooh-er) by doing it at home on my laptop!!)

Do it Bitches…Purrr…. I’m a STAR like no other and i slept with ya Brother!

Love you longtime

Chrissie Wunna

11 thoughts on “Yorkshire Evening Post -Live Web Chat”

  1. I’ll try to get online! I’m in Huddersfield tomorrow night with one of my good friends and we absolutley LOVED you on BBF! We were counting on you to win!
    How is life at the moment by the way?


    Hows Huddersfield for a night out?? Thankyou so much! Funnily enough i was my favourite BBF too. LOL. So glad u loved it! I had a good run. I was counting on me to win too. hahaha

    Life is a bit too good to be true right now. So i’m keeping my fingers crossed, swigging my cocktail and hoping for the best!

    I love you honey

    Chrissie x

  3. Hi My Treats! I’ll only be in Leeds from about 12 pm onwards for a wee bit. I actually have a dinner to go to, with lots and lots of booze with my big brother (from another Mother ‘Cliff’) in Doncaster. So my evening will be spent trolloping aorund there! But i love Leeds and will be hosting a party there for Easter!! YAY Bitches!!! xxx

  4. Huddersfield is ok for a night out! I’m there for uni. It’s not as good as Manchester or Leeds though! I live in Harrogate at the moment as I’m on placement.

    I auditioned for the show up in Newcastle, unfortunatley didn’t get it 🙁 but made loads of friends whilst there.

    You’ll do well! You’re really ambitious which is great! Added you on Facebook yesterday so if you’re ever around and need another local friend you know where to look! xx

  5. Oh Brilliant!!! I didn’t know u auditioned. I went to the Manchester round and gave a balls up of an audition…luckily it worked, and they plonked me on it anyway. I had fun!

    Yes, i am all for good times…so when we’re both free we shall go forth and McParty!!xxx


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