Yep Got Drunk

In a taxi late last night. Harriet in the front, Me in the back with a young boy i went to school with. (I randomly met him at the ‘do’ last night, with a jolly, lovely, but maybe a bit on drugs and getting thrown out for it, other friends i went to school with. 🙂 ) They were a few years below me, during the good old school years. But due to my legendary Wunna status and more the fact that there were only 450 people in our whole ENTIRE school…we all know each other really really well. (I’m really hungover. I got really drunk. The thing was ok, last night. I mean, it could’ve been busier, boujier, and i could’ve been less drunk. Haha! I hate when vodka, steals my memories. But on the whole…i had fun wiggling around like a drunken dickhead. The good thing is that I now know i can now party play and maybe run Leeds with a *wink.* I’m known for being the Kitty cat who can throw a decent shindig with a snippety snap of my fingeroos. I’ve learnt the Hollywood way, via Hilton. Therefore yeah…alright night. I had lots of fun… got really McDrunky and all in my zebra nighty. *wiggle* I’m gonna do a night in Leeds and i’m gonna do it Wunna stylio. 😉

I met Harriet (who i adore and who actually fell over and onto her FACE on her way home) at Xscape. We did drinks and did them well. I felt trashed. I believe we were quite popular, everyone seemed to know one of us from somewhere and well i LOVE PONTY. The people are as down to earth as you get. We got a what seemed like a ‘party’ train…’Henry’ (who i don’t know at all…) gave us free beer. The train was literally as busy as bar and we bantered with boys…who would like Harriet and I to combine our boobs into one BIG boob? I actually had fun on the train. I can’t remember too much of it? But we did arrive in Leeds and venture off like slaggamuffins to a Gay bar. I LOVE my gays. I think we were at Queens Court? Fit boys. More booze. Gay fan club and love life guidance…all at the bottom of our bottles of smirnoff ice. (We had to drink them, so we weren’t sick. I can’t think of anything more sickly…than a smirnoff ice.)

Anyway, i text ‘Liverpool boy’ whilst i was being gay…telling him i was being gay and looked like ‘Joan Collins.’ He responded quite happily…telling me he’s running and then eventually running marathons abroad. (Boys are always trying to get away from me anyhow. Let alone, one that can actually run, fast, long and for hours in record time.) We had a text banter. He’s  sweet again now. Then Harriet and I went far too early to The Loft.

I can’t really remember what happened..but we’ll file it under a ‘party’ and lots of old school friends and vodka. Harriet and i were the amazing..but we are aren’t we. Therefore i’ll deffo give us the trophy for ‘Best beings in there.’ OMG! I totally forgot that we kept doing The Robot for about 5 songs straight in the gay bar! CHAMPION.

Met this boy, who when i was in 6th form, he was in first year and not only did i used to take his prep. (They’d make 6th formers ‘play’ teacher for the night. My ‘preps’ were ace, because i’d always let them do whatever they wanted, provided when an actual teacher came in, they’d immediately, sit down, be quiet, lie and act like they’re doing their homework. All they did was be 13 and write me love letters. Aww. I did actually used to fancy one of them. Even though he was 13. Haha. And we’d go for walks on the lawn and i’d tell him he was far too young for me.

Annnyway, i made out with him last night. 🙂 In the taxi. 🙂 He’s now 24. I think he wants to be a driving instructor. He was extremely well mannered. Extremely sweet. We ‘smoochied’ whilst throwing money at the cab driver who was letting me and Harriet smoke in his car. Haha. Harriet was sat in the front, getting ready to fall onto her own face. But yeah…lovely boy. Quite shy…apart from when he’s in the back of taxis. Great kisser. Wanted to make sure that i actually liked him and wasn’t just drunk. But i do. He’s sweet. He told the taxi driver we were childhood sweethearts. Aww…and then after lots of ‘make out’ i found myself infront of my home, and waving him off home. Nothing happened but kissing. Then he text me telling me ‘i’m something else.’ 😉

‘Liverpool boy’ text me this morning too. I think we might be working together shortly, which will be dandy. He’s an interesting being… so we’ll see. (Just got a BBM from the Billionaire Boys owner…simply winking at me and saying ‘How drunk were you, last night. lol’ Woohoo!  I’m now being told i was so drunk, i couldn’t zip this duffle coat i was wearing up and making EVERYONE attempt the challenge. Apparently it was funny. I remember it being…cold.)

I had fun. I love Harriet. We made a memory. I need to go get ready. I’ll tell you more about it all, when i can remember it. But MORE people need to come out in Leeds.

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