Ya’ Win some, Ya’ lose some…and wine

This morning at 5.30am, my alarm went off, i relunctantly rolled my pretty booty out of bed, I groomed, i changed my delicious baby ruby, i gently told my handsome hubby-to-be Keiran that it was time to get up and off we trotted, in our white Radio Aire Lexus, to The Marriot Hotel Leeds, for the final results, live on air, for the ‘5Brides 1Wedding’ competition that we’ve been slogging away at all week.

We found out our grand total raised for charity yesterday after a quick last minute bag packing moment and well even though we didn’t feel safe and even though knew we had raised a lot for ‘Cash for Kids’…we wanted to win the wedding of our dreams VERY BADLY!

We found out this morning, live on air, whilst we were sat in a dark cherry wood conference room, that looked like something from The Apprentice, filled with PR people, a photographer and radio presenters that we didn’t. AND we found it all out via a process of elimination.(Terrifying.)  We actually came THIRD, after raising (and in ONE WEEK) £3607.50 for ‘Cash for kids.’ Therefore we’re grateful that we did it, because i believe that if you give back to life, it rewards you quite grandly and we want to THANK every single person who put a £1 in our bucket, let us pack their bags and helped out in ANY WAY. Even though we’re both sore losers 🙂 and we hate the art of ‘not winning,’ we’ve done a really wonderful thing and well i can’t think of a better experience of pure ‘do gooding.’ Infact, i can’t think of a better person to have shared this last week with than Keiran.

I swear on my life, we have learnt sooo much about life, each other and love in this last week of fundraising and this man, my man, is probably the most wonderful human being i know and i don’t even say that loosely as we all know i think i’m the best human being i know. We had a week of ups, downs, exhaustion, fights, happiness, hard work,  but most of all LOVE. I mean there were times, whilst fundraising where i would throw a ‘diva strop’ and storm off. He had moments of utter anger, where he threw my phone out of our moving vehicle. Lol. But last night, after a day with my beautiful baby Ruby, we sat on the sofa, in the calm lull and safety of our white wine spritzers and we loved each other like never before.

There were moments of quiet kissing, looks and cuddles. I mean we haven’t had time to rest and we’ve been through the ringer and back this last week. Last night, when i looked at him on the sofa, after Pete had come to pick baby Rubes up for a ride in her new  Hello Kitty Tricycle. I looked at him and re-fell in love with him. I never ever thought in my entire life that i would meet a boy like Keiran, who i would love sooo madly and so much that i would find myself falling in love with him more and more as each day passes. Over this last week he’s showed me nothing but strength and if there was ever a couple that were each others ‘perfect’ it would be us.

We have been through soo much together, from catwalk shows, engagements, More magazine, auditions, love, fun and well just everything. He’s my absolute rock and alongside Rubes…i feel like if i have him in my life, i have everything. We bring out the best and the worst in each other and well i guess we’re a couple that can conquer the world. I have never been this in love and we’re about to make our utter dreams come true. (We had great rumpy on the sofa last night too. I ADORE my rumpy sessions with the hubs! *Wiggle-wink.*)

I can’t actually believe we went out there and managed to raise £3607 in a week for children who needed our help! That’s amazing and well i’m so glad that we could actually be arsed to do it…as during the last week, we also found out who the charitable people of the world were and who weren’t. *Tut-tut*

For all the other couples, life pauses at this point. For us, it tumbles onward with a glittery spray of ‘more-more’ and a perfectly groomed male haircut. 🙂 We dedicated out last entire week for the Radio Aire tour, meaning a lot of things had to get temporarily tapped and shoved to one side. Now we’re back on it, having returned from the elimination at 7.45am and THEN doing a nursery run. (Rubes came to the Marriot with us…she’s our little superstar ‘IT’ baby.)

Now, we i have the book tour to sort out, my book is launched in a month, i’m having to approve the cover today, read it and book my launch party, followed by club nights, followed by a Radio, TV and in store book signing tour. Alongside that, i have another reality show to film, plus Keiran and I have unofficially been offered our very own reality show, he signs to a new agent this week, he has another catwalk show and  not only is he back in More magazine shortly, but he has his own stuff going on…

It’s all ‘go-go-go’ and well what i’ve learnt about not winning today, is that i will NEVER lose something again. 🙂 We had photos snapped, bouquets and all sorts handed to us today at 7am. It’s funny because we’re doing all these randomly amazing things, making every moment of our story worthwhile.

I am a very lucky girl and i’m even luckily to have such a wonderful hubby-to-be, who is my absolute best friend, my world, my yummy little toy boy and to have Ruby the light of my utter tragical, but still very Glamour Pussy life! Add a remarkable family rooting for me along the way and you couldn’t ask for more!

I can’t believed i bag packed for the region in a wedding dress!! I was never one for manual labour. 🙂 I was built for pleasure. Maybe i should stick to my strengths in the future. Lol. Keep it all dolly and keep it all wiggle. If i’m being honest we did think we would be the winner or the runner up. 🙂


Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us! (And to the ones that didn’t… 🙂 )

Life is about the memories that you make! Make YOUR history worth it!

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