Wunna’s Welsh Adventure (with added Karaoke)

Yoyoyo! Wazza here! 🙂

Chrissie has asked me to do a quick blog post for her to let people know what she’s up to today (apparently she’s too busy missing trains to be able to do it herself)

She’s currently on a train to Wales where she is appearing on a radio station called NH Sound (1287am) between 2pm and 4pm.
She’s going to be doing an interview and some live karaoke (that alone must be worth tuning in for!), they’ve also got a surprise gift for her or something too.

After the radio show she’s going to be out drinking around Abergavenny!

She’ll be constantly updating her twitter through out all this so make sure you check http://www.twitter.com/chrissiewunna to see what she’s up to!

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