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Okay, so i think graffiti is wonderful, it’s art, it’s freedom of expression, it’s often quite hilarious, yet provided it’s NEVER done, NEAR or ON my property!!! Then ofcourse…it’s VANDALISM!! Three cheers!! Hurrah!! Champagne all around!!

Actually one of my favourite artists of all time is ‘Bansky,’ (look him up.) He sprayed paint all over the walls of London, yet didn’t just write, ‘I Woz ‘Ere.’ He made huge sarcastic statements, via actual art work, in hidden places, that could accidently be discovered by a random passerby in London. Down a dark alley, he painted, two policemen secretly snogging. Then he dripped a huge line of white paint all across the town. At the end of it was a (yet again) a spray painted policeman, on his knees with a rolled up £20, snorting it!! (hahah…evil.) And my favourite, is the one outside the ‘Tate’ gallery. They refused his work, stating it was ‘not ART.’ Under one of the grand steps leading up to the entrance, in full (but hidden) view, he cleverly painted the words, ‘Mind The Crap.’

Life is good! I think he’s in jail or something now??

3 thoughts on “Wunna’s views on…..”

  1. graff is quality when i t is done well chrissie . but most importantly what are your views on the messiah leaving the toon i feel fucked im wounded i am replying to your blog with a face on me like a bulldog chewing a wasp

  2. the messiah is kevin keegan and the toon as in the toon army is newcastle united football club. i know i aint northern and i should support the hammers but i am a toon head ok chrissie. i was born in newcastle the kicked me out after a second and i landed in epping lol


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