Wunna Land, Bananas, Spiders & Boys

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So, I definitely had a conversation about a banana today. I mean, Adam could have struck up a conversation about anything in the entire world, whilst he had a ‘Wunna’ in front of him, but no…he went with a discussion about bananas…and to make it even more awesome….the discussion was about bananas in tarts. *Wiggle, Wink, Naughty, Naughty.*

‘Adam, why are you talking to me about bananas?’

Aside from that I stayed pretty knackered throughout the day, it’s kinda the joys of working really hard and having two poorly children who want to projectile vomit at you, during the early hours of the morning, repeatedly and one after the other. Oh yeah. It’s a blast.

Luckily, life wasn’t too bad. I watched a spider named ‘Russell’ almost get poked, but not stomped on, because Jenna’s ‘not nasty.’ Then i partook in some scheme to get others in trouble for kicks.

Then, like life couldn’t get any better…through a set of automatic doors, like it was a budget episode of ‘Star in their Eyes’ in walks ‘building a greenhouse’ aka (to you) ‘off the telly, Take Me Out’ Nick. It was like God had plonked all the ace people of Ponty in one space just for a moment to make us remember how much better we are than everyone else. 🙂 (Naaaaat!)

Anyway, Nick’s building some greenhouse and needed nails, long ones, shorts ones, I dunno, i wasn’t listening. But it was good to bump into him and then watch him knock a whole tray of cacti (or if you’re not proper ‘cactusus’ off a stand…mini ones too….to only have to pick the prickly bastards up, one by one, like some form of mini ‘in a Western’ torture.

Nick: ‘Ugh, I couldn’t have knocked over anything MORE prickly.’

Me: ‘ Does that mean you’re a knob?’

Nick: ‘Yes…’

Just before all that a being had tried to sell me ‘everything…in a tin’ be it a farm, a football, a train, an Egyptian painting and a tea set. BEADS! EVEN BEADS! Now, I do actually love all the ‘things’ in a tin, yet it’s all a bit too faffy for me isn’t it, like I said, I’m a chick who just likes the ‘faff’ to be done for her, so that she can reap and celebrate the reward, without the hard boring details…just the cheering. My daughters like that also, which is how I know i’ve raised her well. 🙂

I’m actually far too tired to write this now as i’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sleepy from work, babies and life. But i’m happy. I’m really happy. I keep nodding off whilst typing this, but i’m happy…really happy.

Y’know, I haven’t spoken to ‘London boy’ in a while now. Isn’t it funny how you can clash paths with a being for some reason or another, never figure out why the reason was and then just like that, with smiles of course, it all just dissolves or meanders into the ‘past’ box. (*Flashback* Dodge asked me what a ‘meander’ was, when he was drunk at the Tap and Barrel, because I told him i was thick at Geography. Then he laughed out loud at a boz eyed person, who was apparently on the ‘Judge Rinder’ or ‘Grinder’ show? 🙂 )

I have drinks tomorrow and an early work finish. Ben is currently texting me and forwarding me pictures of scratches on his shoulder that Dodge reckons are ‘Wunna sex scratches.’ Lol Don’t worry folks, i haven’t had sex, before you all excited for nothing, with me being a virgin and everything. But am I ‘scratchy’ ever? Noooo. I’m far too ‘Dolly, dolly, ooh face’ to be S&M..and lazy. This ain’t Fifty Shades. It’s Wunna land. ( Saying that, i got ‘Betenoire’ to customise me a necklace reading ‘Wunna Land’ in pink glitter hearts.)

Ruby starts ‘big school’ tomorrow  and Junior can now sing ‘Let it go.’

Life is pretty amazing. I’ve started my diet and i’m finally one successful day in!

Knackered now.

Off to bed.

Wunna x


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