Wringing out old news

Taken by Chic Images in Wakefield (highly exotic location) and yeah…it’s time to box up, wring out and send to sea all ‘Old news’ and make way for the more sparkly NEW. So step out of my way. I have business to forget to tend to.

Anyway enough of that..i really must go. I have an immensely exhausting day of tanning ahead of me. Ah… the bliss of being a Lady of Leisure. Bring in the naked dancing boys. And boy do i lurve the naked dancing boys. Purrrr… Sucks to be you! (she evil laughs!)

11 thoughts on “Wringing out old news”

  1. u look amaizing and i dont care if it is a libary or a barn u look ream in booth but i bet u would look even better in me bed with that holding a can of stella lovely darts

  2. that is romantic babe. ok how is this for romantic swap my bed room for milan and the can of stella for a glass of lpr rosey or even christal rose if they do it that i have poured for u and i am throwing strawberrys down your mui is that better for romantic?

  3. Firstly…i don’t think you’ll ever find me in your bed. I’m a hard pull…sober…LOL

    Secondly, I’m way more high maintenance than that…if only you knew!!

  4. Hey Chrissy!!

    I thought that I might say hello. I’m not here to make sexual remarks to you. Hehe, although you are very hot and I can see why peopel would make sexual coments to you!!

    Anyway, it is good to see that you are up to your usual thing, being beautiful and blogging. Have a great week!! Keep on posting pics. You are a very pretty model!! 🙂

    I’m sending you lotsa love and have a great week you crazy girl!! 🙂 Be safe and do not get into to much trouble, lol!!! 🙂 xox

  5. Nicole: Hi Honey!! Thanx by for stopping by. I love your messages. And i’m so glad that ur following my rubbish life..lol Makes me smile whenever i get one of your feisty comments! LOVE it!!

    Oh and everyone…..Just for the record…(hahhahaha…oh god) I DO NOT GET OFFENDED AT SEXUAL COMMENTS. lol…. I LOVE them. I’m a girl in my underwear. Chicks like that…love the attention. Hahaha! So kisses all around and keep it coming!!!

  6. swet ones i thought u were getting lemon and piping so i thought i would apoligise. i told u i couldnt pull a cracker babe i get confused easily thast is why i am better of with a beer and the boxing and footie


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