Working, Working, Hard, Hard


Busiest of days and it’s not even noon yet. I guess there really is no rest for ‘The Puss,’ afterall. But it’s just the way i like it, it keeps me out of trouble and all that good stuff. Well kinda not really. I still commit to my old faithful ‘jiggery pokery’ yet in a work environment, someone else always takes the fall for me and because i’m off the telly! CHAMPION! (I currently have a Nazi, cleverly disguised as a whore, cleverly disguised as a hair stylist, yanking rollers out my poor defenseless hair! What she doesn’t know is that i’m later going to ‘snail trail’ on her leg without her consent, then steal her purse to the sweet music of VICTORY!)

Interviews today, a shoot, and an audition.  I’m excited, freezing, and have an inappropriate orange glow. Wazza (my best bud, and manager of this site) has already shouted at me for selling his body to gays. I need fans. I godda do what i godda do!! If they want to hold his hand on lonely nights…then it’s sold, to the man in the sequinned thong! He’s all mardy because instead of comforting him, i laughed in his cyber face. And with a ‘Chrissie it’s not funny…,’ he throws a tantrum and then forgives me. Wazza once picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, ran as fast as he could down a corridor and threw me out of a window from a GREAT (one story) height, because i kept punching him in the balls in the 6th form study at school. He’s getting sold to gays!!!

Other than that, i’m excited because i’m meeting a lady today (Virginia Leach) who is a celebrity portrait painter. (What you don’t know about me, is that i’m extremely into art. I got an art scholarship into school! I did, i did.  I might be a bimbo, but oddly, i could fucking accurately draw you in a second flat! Hilarious!) Anyway, Virgnia has flown into London to meet me, because she has painted my portrait. (Direct eyes to above painting! Amazing right!) It’s all for charity (The Madeirian sunshine trust.) And well i’m going to meet Virginia in Leicester square today, at around 4.30pm to sign a few of the paintings, that will later go on auction. How lovely! I’m really excited and really grateful that i was an interesting enough ‘subject’ for her to paint. ( I know how ‘Mona Lisa’ of me right!)  I actually can’t wait to meet her. And well as we all know,we HAVE to get our charity in at Crimbo time, to be good with God in 2010. Like i said, get tumbling that money into donation boxes. Making up with people. Rescuing pets. Do what you can, or you’ll can i put this politely?? Erm….FUCKED!

Anyway, i’ve godda go, but i will tell you that last night, my raven haired beauty ‘Harriet’ and i managed to rack up £1240 on ‘muffs,’ in the space of 10 minutes. I’m addicted to ear muffs and those ‘muffs’ you can put ya hands in (wink wink) to keep them warm. Therefore we managed to find a pair we liked in Harrods for the bargain price of £119 each. It’s kinda like the bouquet of flowers we demanded that came to £499. (Hahah…CHAMPION.) We’ve been raised to enjoy the finer things in life and well at Xmas…why not? I mean…we have cold ears..

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