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You can tell that I’m completely ‘out of touch’ with a hard days work, that doesn’t involve winking, pouting, picture taking or just saying things for a producer so it makes good telly. Even my jobs before, where I had what I thought was the luxury of being able to sit at a desk and do marketing, whenever duty decided to call, weren’t has strenuous. YET, let me tell you, I have NEVER EVER been as happy, in a normal job. I’ve only done two days and i’m LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The people are great, the job is great and it’s merry. There’s a buzz around my work life, that is filled with positive energy, the sort of buzz that i never have experienced in a day job environment. In fact no…when I worked at Crunch Gym in LA, that had the same kind of buzz. It was one of the happiest times and one of the best jobs i had ever worked. I’m now back in that sort of mood and i think i’m lucky to be working, because no i feel of worth and when I’m working on my eyelash line at home…there’s no laziness about me, it’s all precious and exciting. Even my time with the children is sprinkled over with more excitement that usual. The last place I worked there was a lot of pressure and well a lot of ego, mixed in with a really rubbish boss, who was pretty evil to everyone, because she was unstable. Now…i have the greatest boss and work with amazing people. Can’t move my body to save my life. Every inch of it aches, as it is not at all used to being subjected to such hard work which to most is normal. 🙂 I find it funny that i’m rusty, but i love it, i’m proud of myself and other than the people and the job itself, one of my fave things about my new position is that i get to just be ME and i don’t have to be the ‘Glamour Puss’ extraordinaire…the girl who they do or don’t know ‘off the telly..’ the blogger… catch my drift. I’m just ‘Chrissie.’ In fact, they even call me ‘Christina.’ 😉 I love it. And if they do know anything about me, they don’t mention it at all, which makes everything much happier. They’ve already nicknamed me ‘Tallulah’ and well i’ve fitted in perfectly, what  lovely bunch of non judgemental, non bitchy, merry folk. Great place to work. (I’m currently training, as I’m going to be moved to the place that I will be supervising shortly.) I’m adoring learning a new skill and feeling of more use and of more worth.

I have a day off today and i’m working on the beauty line, whilst not daring to make phone calls that make me nervous, at the same time as trying to sort out a new home, for the family. I feel relaxed, yet on edge due to the ‘having to make a nervous phone call.’ 🙂 I’m rubbish at them. I’m rubbish at everything that makes me nervous. But i’ll wait until noon, have a wine and then call. Yippeee!

I hope you’re all excited to wear my lash line. I wore my own pair the other day and it sort of made me feel mighty…there was certainly a swagger about me. I mean, i can’t believe that I can actually wear MY OWN LASHES. Makes me laugh. It’s great. AND i’ve gone through a lot of samples and committed a lot of my time to make sure the quality of them are THE BEST. I love beauty, i’m a lash wearer i know all the trials that we as women go through and the tribulations of a great pair. I’ve got this right and so  i’m very excited to send them your way soon and get them plonked on the market. It feels amazing and it’s weird because now that my time is more scheduled up, i feel like the time i dedicate to it is more thorough, fresher and filled with a great deal more love. I’m happy.

Alongside that, I had quite a good phone…well text conversation the other day, in regards to my love life. I think that when more lines of communication opens up and less pride on both sides guard the forts, things will be better.. I think i’ve not really actually been mad, i’ve just been disappointed, to the point where i’m scared of being disappointed again.

I did read this Facebook status from one of my old work colleagues this morning and it brought a smile to my face, so to every girl who has someone who loves them like this, or wishes to find someone to love them in the same way, know that it’s out there…

‘4 Years, 13 different countries, 10 Islands, about 30 aeroplanes, 4 pet turtles, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, 3 lambs, and a kangaroo! 2 cars, 3 new nieces, 2 god daughters, 11 different jobs. One awesome Girlfriend!’

How sweet! We all adore public displays of adoration, let alone an old romantic. I’m sure he definitely scored major points with ‘Lauren’ (who is the girlfriend part of his status. :).)  I mean , I love it when a guy declares how much he loves the girl in his life out loud. It makes those boys more special because they’re brave enough to own the art of ‘being in love’ with pride.’ Instead of the boys who boast and pride themselves on being ‘players.’ Which simply translates as ‘ I have emotional issues.’ lol

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