Working ‘IT’ OUT

I’m full of ‘Va Voomage’ today. I’ve been on a walk, (I oddly do love a walk…it’s the whole ‘skin to the wind’ thing,) i’ve fallen down a flight of stairs and i’ve actually…OMG…WORKED OUT! Me!! I actually worked out, like moved my body inappropriately and only for the benefits of ‘getting into shape’ and not for a pretty decent ‘ugh-oooh-yeeea,’ where i usually will have a boy plugged into my body. I mean, i did have a boy with me, yet his purpose was training me…and basically showing me how to make things work. It did mildly confuse me because really what’s the point in having a personal trainer if he’s not going to stretch you out and sleep with you? I used to work at a gym, (Crunch Gym in LA) and not only was it the best job in the world ever, the best time in my life ever…but i got to know about 15 personal trainers and all of them were really slutty! You got your money’s worth! 🙂 (Oh shut up, i only slept with 6 of them.)

Anyway, that was the past, now i’m all loved up and experiencing complete bliss with a ‘Handsome.‘  I’m madly in love and i feel ALIVE. We have an AMAZING relationship and well I’d never thought i’d be blessed with such an GREAT GREAT man. I mean, i really do take back everything i said about Cupid being a total bitch of ‘lazy much.’ I have LUCKED out, with this one. I’ve found my ‘happy ever after.’ *smiles-sighs with relief*

I went around to his last night, and we drank spanish wine, cuddled on the recliner and watched Autistic children fondle themselves, then police men arrest chavs in

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