I know, i’ve just blogged, but whatever, whilst i have the time, I might as well rock one out to ya. Since i’ve missed your pretty faces and all that jazz, dolls. (I was gonna say ‘Bitches’ but some people get all hetty about my language. The word ‘bitch’ in LA is certainly a term of love. ‘Ma Bitches.’ 🙂 In Yorkshire…it’s not neccessarily pleasing.)

Okay, so i have a big 2.45pm meeting. I’m getting ready for it now. I’ve emailed a friend (Good old Graham, who is nursing his lovely wifey Hayley back to well again after her operation) my ballsed up video. The first audition for some other show went well. This one had a dodgy video, so i’ve had to alter it. For some reason i’m a giant spaz when it comes to video’s and transferring them when they don’t fit. I hate things that don’t fit, or that aren’t easy. I will continuously barge the round peg, through the square hole, until I’m blue int he face…then i’ll do what all genius femmes do in such a predicament and ask actual smart people for help. 🙂 YIPPEEE!

I don’t actually know if it’s probably ballsed up or not, as I did film and watch a 2 minute audition video and not i’s 3 seconds long or something? Lol. I don’t know how, or why, aside from the word ‘export.’ But I do know i have a longer video here on my laptop, that I just couldn’t send? Graham is helping me.

Okay, so aside from those two auditions bubbling, my beauty line, another audition that i’m having to do,which will end in me being completely embarrassed, which i’m used to anyway and one final application that I have JUST DONE literally a minute ago for a show that I think that I would be perfect for. They think so also, however, I still have to go through all the ‘hoo-haa’ of it all.

People forget that I still have to audition for everything just the same as everyone else. The things I don’t really have to audition for are ITV2 shows, due to my glorious Hilton reign. 🙂 And anything that is produced by a producer who has previously worked with me. They usually love me and say i make great telly, so just give met stuff to do. Usually the ballsy, big old, glammy pussy stuff. That gets me into trouble. All in the name of entertainment.

But yes, this new show that i’ve just applied for sounds GREAT and so hopefully the my story and initial audition piece is okay, as it’s a big pay job. Meaning I NEED TO GET THIS, first because i adore it, secondly because I fit the bill, thirdly because i’m great at reality tv, fourthly because it’s a ‘dreams come true’ show and lastly because it’s a GOOD PAY CHECK! And it’s a good pay check simply because the show has come from America…where reality stars get paid shit loads for their bit of ‘ooh laa.’ Hurrah. Gimme. Gimme. Just emailed them now, so fingers crossed.

I’m pretty proud of myself for going through so much drama, yet still being able to function between ‘moments.’ Lol. If you stay positive, all usually fits back into place, just how it’s meant to and without you trying, Whatever is written as your life story will just take place. Let it, enjoy it, don’t fight the feeling. Put nipple tassles on and go with it.

*Coffee here*

Lets plonk in a happy Chrissie moment here…


Okay, so lots brewing and proud that it’s only January and i’m on my own with the two winkles…no help right now, as grandparents etc have flown off to Burma for holidaying etc…BUT i’ve managed to conjour up 4 auditions and get through the heats on each one so far!

I’m not one to focus on the competition, yet to focus on ME. I’m good at that. 🙂 And the reason for that is like I’ve said, there is room for EVERYONE in entertainment and in all business actually. There’s a piece of the pie for ALL. Those who scrabble on focus on the competition, lose focus on the love of what they’re doing. It'[s the love of what you’re doing that takes you somewhere.




So January so far, i’ve worked hard and seed planted. February will be good for the next rounds. I’m like a glitzy boxer. I’bve also got my beauty line with all this. But i can’t get my first big batch until next month, so i’m filling the rest of January with hard work and hard work that my children will be proud of!

Be positive, live, love and make your mark. Once you do, the world is your oyster and don’t we all love the sound of that!

Godda go, 2.45pm meeting.

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