Working Girl

Was sat on a train at 5.25am, opposite ‘Drunk Rosie’…we had just got off work and well had to wait at Leeds train station for our first train home. We’re drunks…so we opted for jumping in a taxi, (where the driver talked about monkeys and cutting people) and decided that missing our first train was fine, because we were far too fabulous (code for ‘cold’) to be waiting around. Not sure where we ended up…but i remember having cheese burger infront of me, in the only place open at that merry hour. ‘Drunk Rosie’ works as a dancer at Wildcats with me…i find her hilarious, so i’ve made her my ‘favourite,’…hence why she can be found at 5.25am, lurking about like Dollies on the streets of Leeds, laughing, celebrating life and well being drunk…in Ugg boots.

Anyway, work was actually really good last night. Lots of fun, wine and a dash of punters. Just incase you didn’t know, i’m now getting my ‘Von Teese’ on and playing with the art of seduction a la ‘peep show.’ I’m loving it…yet obviously working around a bunch of girls is never a good place for the good lord to be placing me. Girls don’t usually like me. I mean, they never talk to me…but from the moment i enter a room a delicious *whoosh* of ‘uncomfortable much’ (remember that it’s a medium i flourish in) fills my surrounding area. I’m not too bothered though. I’m playful, fun, cheery and easy to have a natter to. They just don’t know that because i’m packaged as *Vixen.* (Which in a world of dancing girls kinda helps a lot.)

Okay, so if i walk into a room merrily and  a chica immediately feels uncomfortable, then that’s not really anything to do with me and more to do with how they feel about themselves. I mean, i sort of test their security, their confidence levels, without even knowing and the ones that feel 100% comfortable in their skin are usually pretty friendly with me and they’e the kinda girls i like to have around me. Women are naturally competitive, it’s weird. I’m not sure that it’s a bad thing, because being made to step up your game is great! But it’s funny to watch wandering eyes, and muttering minds and not just in regards to little old me, but in regards to how they feel about each other. What they don’t say speaks volumes. You have to be extremely ballsy and confident to work in such a venue and well i think feeling insecure will automatically make a girl a million times less *sexy.* (We’re being judged on our sexy and our skills with men.) But i’m having fun!

I’ve met loads of girls i love love….a few i don’t talk to, a few who don’t talk to me, and well last night one that wanted to slag me off because a guy wanted to switch his dancer from her to Me. *Yawn* They’re allowed to do that…it’s the whole entire point. I think i’ve been a bit too nice, because technically i could’ve just done both £80 *wiggles*..but out of respect and the fact that i can’t be arsed with drama and people who squabble over a handful of cash. It makes me think they’re *eww much.* Now, i have mild haters. I’ve only worked there a week and a didn’t really take me long to smear that old reputation. HAHA! The girl…claimed i was *stealing* men…which is a term i do enjoy because it makes it sound like i’ve picked them up, when no-ones looking and pushed them into my hand bag. (My view on this is.. if the gentleman is shouting ‘I WANT TO

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