Working Days Off & Fun Fairs

Only I can go to the local fun fair with the babies after school and GET STUCK on a ride!! Not just ANY ride, but on the flipping GHOST TRAIN!!! (If you know me well, you KNOW that I am SHIT at anything ghosty! I screamed so much at Scare Kingdom, I fell and CRIED. Haha.) But, when there’s just you, the babies and ya ‘I not going on that ghost train’ Mum…you have to take ANOTHER one for the team.

First ride on…squashed into a moving skull, with Ruby and Junior…it’s pitch black, creepy, we’re on a rickety train rail, it’s fast but jilty, filled with flashes, strobe lighting and budget Halloween shit. The inside is kinda like a mini rollercoaster…I couldn’t decide if the ride was rickety because it was meant to be or simply because it was made poorly! Haha.

We get to the top…The ride is built on levels…We’re on a slant. We can’t see anything…and all of a sudden EVERYTHING stops. We pause with a ‘is this meant to happen?’ Then after a brief moment of confusion and stillness…I hear a muffled voice shout…

‘Hi Love. Hang on! Sorry!!! The electrics just went off!! Give me a sec!’

What the FUCK!!! Haha!!!

Who gets stuck in a ghost train!?! I panic, so the kids start panicking. Lol. It’s about to end in tears…and then all of a sudden…it POPs back into action with a JILT and we’re back up and running!!

I am never going on a ghost train again. The great ones are too scary. The budget ones break down.

Fuck! That!!!

But away from that the rest of the fun fair was alright. The kids loved it and just seeing them so happy, made my kitten heart melt. You definitely shouldn’t go on twisty rides after a wine spritzer though. I kept getting flung and spun about, to the sound of ‘Boom Shakala’ like a boozy, Asian…rag doll.

You get to see everyone’s personality on a Twister. I wanted to puke, but styled it out with over joyous screams of showgirl delight, to hide the fact that I was having a really shit time and needed to puke.

Ruby loved it at first, until it went to fast, she lost control of the ride and smoke made her hair go frizzy.

‘I want to get off NOW!!’

Me: ‘Don’t worry baby! It’s nearly done.’

Have you ever tried reassuring someone on a Twister, to ‘Boom Shakala.’ It’s hilariously insincere and impossible.

Junior….screamed all the way through it, with REAL actual JOY. He Loved it. But really!!! Then when it stopped, he laughed, danced like a gangsta and then proceeded to moonwalk on exit.

Junior: ‘What’s next!?!’

They couldn’t get up for school this morning because they chose a ‘fun night’ over a chillathon!! So I MADE them because I had to get up at 4am to work. Lol.

At 7.30am…they forced themselves up and I eventually did the school run! On time!!!

Anyway! All’s well! Things are great. It’s my day off today, so I’m shopping!!! Then I get this email, followed by phone call from a lady because the Kids have been shortlisted for a big commercial…that Ruby has roped me into.

Lady: ‘Hey Chrissie! The director had shortlisted you. So I need you all on tape now and have it sent over, by today!!’

Me: ‘They’re at school…so I can’t do it until 4.30.’

Lady: ‘Perfect! Get it too me! I need it ASAP. I also need to speak to Ruby’s Dad.’

And just like that…Day Off turned into work.

I kinda wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s been so excited to book this…so to know that she’s one step closer will make her little heart swell. She doesn’t even know yet! Pete and I are having to put ourselves on tape for her because they need a separated family and cos she’s so ethic, they figured it’d be easier to cast her real family, rather than try and find ‘as mixed’ parents, who look like her.

Things are great. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! I want gin! Oh and ‘DBear’ just messaged me to casually tell me he’s already back home, from his away adventures. (Surely I should’ve known that anyway?’)

But yes…shopping…lessss go!

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