Workaholic Waddle on…


And just when I got excited because it was my last ‘work day’ of the week, i get the ‘sods law’ from the big guy above and i’m again tomorrow just for the hell of it. Hahaha. I’m shattered. Like literally exhausted, with sprinkles on and let me tell you, a side of rest and wine is something I think my imaginary doctor ordered!

Right! Just to have a rant!! Why does every new male that i come into contact with think that everything they suggest they do with me, MUST COME, with a side of sex? I mean, Handyman Mike, hasn’t come and mowed my lawns, whilst i’ve been at work, suggesting that he comes on my ‘day off’….just so his hard work can be accompanied by ‘nookie.’ Then a taxi driver (my car won’t start by the way) did the whole ‘are you married…lucky me…’ talk mid ‘on the way home’ and as he dropped me off, suggested that he come in and bonk? WHAT? I mean, I knew my life mirrored the Barbara Windsor ‘bra pings off moment, in every ‘Carry On’ movie worth watching…but i’m gonna have to start carrying daggers in my purse just to keep you lot away. I’m not even kidding, it’s put me off men. (No, not as in ‘turned Lesbian,’) but honestly, for some chick that got through her 20’s embracing the laws of glamour modelling, I really being the chick that everyone thinks they can bone. I’m the HARDEST PULL EVER. It ain’t easy being the next Mr. Wunna. 😉 I’ll smile, i’ll banter and i’ll wink, but i’m a glamour puss…that’s what i do naturally. I’m nto an easy pull. You have to pull your school boy socks up , read manuals on love and try really hard. 🙂 Hot boys, not so hot and average boys are all having a go at Ms.Glamour Puss…and well i don’t know whether it’s because they think i’m pretty easy, or they just have nothing to lose? Lmao. It’s all very odd….Bottom line…mowing lawns, shouldn’t come with a side of boning. Don’t make me take a vow of celebacy, just so i have something to blame for not wanting to put out.’  It seems the boys are all in fear being plonked in ‘Friend Zone’ which i find annoying, as ‘Friend zone’ is a good place to attempt to start with me. In fact, i don’t find it annoying at all…i find it funny. I have too much on right now to be daudling off with gent numero uno. I mean, i’m struggling to get through my work week, without feeling shattered. But everything really does happen for a reason and you get placed in certain places, situations and amongst tests in life, in order to strengthen who you are and what you stand for. Some learn the easy way…others the hard.

But yes, i have another day of ‘day job’ tomorrow, which will kill my body, but whatever, you’ve got to giggle at it and say ‘cheers.’ Tomorrow was ‘beauty school’ day, but now it’s a ‘no can do.’ I’l have to fit it in another day. The good thing is that my business plan is almost done, alongside research for the lash line and i’m about to purchase my product…the Limited Ed’s…which i hope you will support in order to make me feel better. 🙂 I’ve worked really hard on it and juggled life, babies and heartbreak around it. Please buy a pair. Please. (Begging.)

The ace thing about today is that when i arrived home from work and flung open the door, my little baby Junior, (who was stood up giggling) toddled madly towards me, with utter glee in his eyes.

WHAT AN AMAZINGLY FEELING! Like i said, it makes life worth it  and it reminded me of how lucky i was to be ‘Mama.’ My daughter is a ‘Daddy’s girl,’ but my son is a total ‘Mummy’s boy’ and it’s ace. It makes my life complete. Hahaha. SCORE! Last night, i watched Junior grab Ruby’s hands to make her dance around the living room with him to High School Musical 2. She did. They loved it, with giggles and i watched from the sofa, with a ‘y’know..i’ve done an alright job!’ 🙂 😉

I totally wanted to get my hair did tomorrow.

Not to worry…

Work here I come. x







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