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Good morning my beautiful pieces of delight!! I’m over the moon today and when one is swirled in happiness, alongside a spritz of well i’m not that loyal to any particular fragrance, as I whore them all with a wink and a smile-but please do feel free to type in your own preferred smell in this space,’ย you are living your life exactly right! *Go-on…bring out a banner.*

Yesterday, whilst on a walk with Baby Junior and my delicious hubby Keiran….(Things have been REALLY GREAT between us recently. It’s like we’ve gone back to how we were when we first met, but better, as it’s smoothed over with that ever so ‘nicey’ stability,) yet the funny thing is that as we were on our merry little ‘because I was bored’ walk through the woods, he sort of paused, looked at me, smiled and said, ‘OMG!!! YOU’RE MY WIFE!’ It’s like he’s only just realized that he’s accidentally got married or something and then worst of all found out it’s ME!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have that effect on men. Men tend to put up with my diva-insecure-evil tantrums, whenever I decide to perform them, with the dying hope that it won’t last forever. Keiran calls it ‘the circle.’ Once something triggers a tantrum…i’m off running, shooting fizz bullets of *pinch* out of my knockers and scowling at crowds who with the bottom of their hearts love me. Then i come around…and all is back to ‘happy.’ Makes me sound nutty. But i’m not..there’s always a trigger and well i’m always highly feisty. (It’s more comical than anything else.) The good thing about it being a ‘circle’ is the simple fact that I DO come back around again to ‘fairytale.’ I’ve been really lovely and loving to hm over the past week and filled his heart and his world with magic. He’s glowing because of it, so even though you don’t want to let your man get away with anything that you find disrespectful, it seems that if you just love them, show them how much you think of them and tell them how much you care, they make the correct decisions, and when you have a happy man, he will do anything to make your world complete. (Unless you’re dating a twat, who doesn’t actually really love you. Then ofcourse you can ย just stick to the yelling and the throwing his life out your upstairs windows. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) The good thing about my husband is that he’s strong. I think he’s been through a lot and i’ve always said it will be the strongest man alive who I stay with. I’ve found him and well…he’s just driven off in the van to head away for 3 days o work. I’m really gonna miss him because i really adore just having him around. I love him. I mean i even packed him 8 packets of Supernoodles and EVERYTHING. ๐Ÿ™‚ #wifeoftheyear #nocookingforme Y’see, I can’t even describe to you how wonderful we’ve been with each other…the good thing is, with a little more will continue.

Anyway, back to the walk. He paused, realized he had a wife, realized that it was me, then he shook it off like a tiny punch to the chin, resmiled and after I cheekily uttered, ‘yes, you are a bad picker.’ he laughed, held my hand, walked onward like the world was his oyster and said, ‘No i don’t…my wife is ACE! I love you.’

Things are perfect. (Even though he did tell me to smell his armpits yesterday, an art form that i’m not only unfamiliar with, yet despise with a dedicated passion. I just looked at him, screwed my face up with a ‘NO’ and reminded him of how romantic he used to be. ‘God, I used to get surprise flowers at work, love letters, dinners and gifts…now I get a sniff of your fricking armpits!!’ He’s definitely lost his touch. As it said on my FB status, #romanceisofficiallydead.)

Anyway, today I don’t know what to do with myself. I told you that i’ve been interviewing a lot and well getting on with life, but Baby Junior and Baby Ruby have BOTH gone to nursery together today. For me to go into full time work, which is a must for the family, Baby J is having to venture into nursery early, as a full time baby. (Which I don’t actually mind because it’s been such a wonderful bit of schooling for Ruby.) Right now, before he does the full time fling, he’s having a two day a week bonding session, so he can bond with the nursery nannies and they can get use to him. Including Rubes, as she’s mighty possessive over the things she loves and she LOVES her nursery and her’Alice,’ who will be looking after Junior.

Ruby’s been finding the ‘Keiran working away’ thing difficult and it’s left me with a very upset little girl. She loves him, she loves stability, she loves family time, it’s bizarre how much she actually does…and well i’ve been dealing with a very angry baby girl. She won’t go to bed, because when she wakes up he might not be home. She doesn’t want to leave his side incase he disappears off into thin air. It’s crazy. Even hours of watching Peppa Pig World and the Magic Kingdom Disney World Parade on Youtube, didn’tfully ย calm her. Luckily, soon it’s all over and he’s back home. Once he is, she’ll go back to normal. Keiran is Ruby’s world and even more so than I am. I think she has a bit of a broken heart right now, so like me, is being fighty. It’s awful seeing your child inherit your own bad genes. Yet with her being fickle, my ‘you can have my ย lip gloss’ bribe worked and she skipped into nursery merrily, like she was the coolest chick on the block. I had to park legally today. It nearly killed me. ๐Ÿ™‚ There I was hobbling along in a pencil dress, wedges, MY handbag, a butterfly bag, a Spiderman bag, a newborn in my arms and a two year old holding onto my thigh, mid strut. #sexy #oldblondwontletmeparktherecow

Today, I don’t know what to do with myself?? Keiran’s wandered off to money make, the children are learning their ‘A,B,C’s’ and i’ve already tangoed with my work quest. I’m sat on my the living room, under my budget chandelier, with nothing to do? It’s silent. I can even hear the clock ticking! When I have no drama, life is really weird. Even though there hasn’t been any drama recently, there’s been people. I’m actually powdered in utter harmony right now but have no-one to share it with. Hilarious.

During this times, I usually rebel and do something idiotic, like wallow in vino, watch a porn for the story line, be evil, or moan at Keiran for attention. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Talking about porn, i’ve felt awful watching the last couple story lines a couple months ago because the girls in them were really beautiful and i’m talking properly ‘shouldn’t be doing porn’ beautiful. One girl obviously used to be a dancer, not stripper, but proper dancer and moved to Hollywood to hope to make the big time, yet ended up having ugly men bonk her, on a camera for money. ๐Ÿ™ Makes me sad, because she’s worth so much more, yet because she didn’t get her shot at stardom in due time, she gave in lost her faith in ‘making it,’ slipped on her hooker boots and grabbed that Vivid paycheck. No word of a lie, it really does (and i’m not making fun of them or even joking) it makes me sad. There’s some hideous looking chicks though and well..yeah…i don’t feel sad for them, they’re in the right industry and they do it rather well. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t watch the pretty chicks, because it puts me off feeling sexy. I’m sure that’s the wrong way around? )

Today, instead of being idiotic, I reckon i’ll just enjoy life and chill. I go back to work shortly and well I’ll be wishing I had this ‘calm’ time then! I love my new uncomplicated life. I can’t even believe i’ve managed it. I’ve done ‘white picket fence!!’ YEAH BABY!!!





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