Work, rest and play…

Afternoon all! I feel like i haven’t blogged in ages. Yet although my mind has been a stiletto step away from musty, i’ve kind of enjoyed my time as Mummy, daughter and little kitty cat life adventurer. I can’t even remember what the last thing i blogged about was? Maybe the photo shoot? It’s almost as if, once i’ve blogged something out my system, i never look back on it again, as it immediately becomes the past, which is great. I’ve always been that way, be it with life, men, work or challenges. I’m not one to make the best out of a bad bargain. Although tolerant, once i’ve glamourously hair-tossed and pushed something behind me, it’s done with and not a memory, especially now that i’m older and more whole, that i ever really take out of that box and look back over. Even my good memories. I’m someone that will always make more and well i’ve always believed that if you’re a person who clings onto the past, then it means you have nothing great going on in your present. More people need to open their eyes and see all the wonderful things that they have going on in their life, embrace it and move forward with it, without interference. I’m really lucky and you’ll never hear me say any different and because i’m not an idiot, who can’t see all the greatness that i have around me. I’ve achieved a lot, i’ve loved a lot and the results of that formula, have built a happiness, that i simply can’t deny. People say a lot of things about me, be they good, bad or even ugly. Yet for every one sly comment, i wake up to an inbox filled with hundreds of lovely messages from people all over the world, who i’ve inspired and that’s what makes me feel great, almost like i matter and along with that bit of adoration, we all like to feel like we matter. (God, my preggo cravings are insane right now. I’m wanting spicy, yet choccy, yet Mexican, yet everything all in one, Lord help me.)

But anyway, since my last week of work, i’ve only really done a couple of phone interviews, gloried at Christmas decorations, (i want it to be Christmas immediately, i can’t wait any longer for the magic,) i’ve dined with The Wunna’s at The Pagoda in Wakefield for the 64th birthday of my Daddy. I didn’t eat much because it was a whole 5 courses and i’m daunted by courses of a monstrous size, it terrifies me and i get all shy and picky. However, i loved it. I’m really close to my fsmily because they’ve always served me well in life. I’ve been lucky enough to have such great great parents who have done nothing but love me and well it’s really put me in good stead with little Ruby. I’m a great mum, because i have a great mum and to be honest there isn’t any other way i know how to be. My mum and dad, even to this day, when i’m 31 years old, look at me, smile and tell me how proud they are of me…and it matters, it makes a difference, it keeps my kitten glow a pouring. (God, i’m watching ‘This Morning’ and the whole Jimmy Saville thing is urking me out now. I cannot believe the people at the BBC ‘blocked their ears’ to his foul play! How is it ever okay to molest young children, especially if you’re being honoured as the ultimate advocate for their dreams coming true? He made some little boy scout ‘earn his badge’ by feeling his nuts through his shell suit trousers. An adult walks into the room during this bit of ‘doo-daa,’ sees it all happening and walks out the room saying nothing! What is wrong with people?)

Okay, aside from celebrating my Daddy’s birthday, being preggo, enjoying life and doing phone interviews, i’ve had my eager weave taken out, (it was quite simply doing my head in and stealing my limelight. if you are ever having to compete with your weave, you’re in a tragic state and you need to have it removed. I got my mum to do it, and well i think she only half did it, as i seem to stil have these tiny random braids scattered through my hair, that are impossible to undo once found.) I also spent my Sunday night at a hotel. I sneaked off because i needed a break from it all and found complete solace in room 319, tucked up in a lovely hotel bed room, all my myself, watching Ronan Keating’s ‘Life Stories’ with Piers Morgan.

Sometimes, you need that break in order to get away from any stress. I enjoyed it and took great advantage of the moment. The next morning, i was picked up and i enjoyed a Nando’s lunch of chicken and peri peri chips, followed by a trip into town to aid someone on their path to beautifying, via the fine art of hair cuts, spray tans and beauty treatments. Actually,whilst, i was sat in my friends salon yesterday, i decided that i wouldn’t mind having my own beauty salon. I’ve always wanted one, but never gotten around to doing so. However, now i think i could manage it and i’d love it. I’ve worked so many normal jobs that i’ve hated, other than ‘for the money,’ entertainment is the only thing i actually love to do, and my favourite hobby, other than being a mummy, is dollying up.  I want my own beauty parlour and methinks i want it NOW.

Yesterday was a good day,a lot got sorted out, via the fine art of rollercoasting. I think my future looks bright and it sort of makes me feel happily confident. When i was little, i always felt confident in my own abilites, then as Hollywood kicked in i sort of lost my confidence and doubted my talent…and well now i’m back on top form and proving that i can do it, and when i say proving, i mean proving it to myself. *Wiggle-wink* I’m a mum, a wife, working in entertainment, i have another baby on the way and i’m actually happy…i’m loving life right now positively. However, i will admit that this first stage of preggoness is not fun. I’ve been feeling extremely ‘off button’ and hazy throughout it…even today. I can’t wait to get into the next stage of development.

I’m resting up today and going to try and sort out my hair. I’m DYING for a massage and desperately need one more than anything in this entire world, right now. I used to have on every week as a teenager and now that i’m older and need one, i hardly ever find time. Bad move.

I don’t really have anything else say, except i want ice-cream, a shower, a rub down and to not feel queezy. On and i’m confused by the whole ‘buy the sperm of celebrities’ clinic, where you can design your own real life baby. It’s all a bit too weird to me and mainly because celebrities are really different to how they are portrayed on your telly box, or even how they portray themselves, so you wouldn’t actually know what you’re buying, meaning that once again some Doctor has managed to play on the dumbness of the public and sell you silly rubbish, for a bit price. For example, David Walliams…tremendous comedian…one of my favourites….you’d buy his sperm and have his baby and think you’d have a pretty funny baby, who can swim better than most and may be a little camp, to the sound of money making victory. However, what most people didn’t know, until he admitted it, was that he also suffered from a mad case of ultimate depression and tried to hang himself twice, which says a lot more about him really doesn’t it. His sperms not that exciting now. 🙂

Have a great day….My cravings are sucky.




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