Work, Lashes, Babies and Birthdays

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Hey, my lucky licks of love festival! Work was awesome today, as it was that perfect pix of laughter, coffee and good times, underlined with accidental achievement. PLUS, anytime you manage to blag your way to another smoothy, smooth day off, simply because it’s your birthday means life is grand! Lots of eyelash batting, pleeeease, pleeeeasing and faithful Chrissie Wunna charm occurred and just like that…and completely by bacon and some turkey named ‘basterd,’ 🙂 The Gods, shined upon me and ‘TA DAAAAAAAAAAAA’ i won the war! 🙂 Saturday, Wunna is freeee and to make it even better, I have a day off tomorrow also, meaning I get to enjoy a full on, morning lay in, mixed in with a shopping day and pre birthday chill day! Wahooo!

I’m happy, i’m whole and I’m loving all the nursery stuff that the babies had made for me this Christmas. Ruby drew her family, but on the back they had written ‘quote’s by Ruby, that she spewed out about her ‘family life.’ HAHAHA. Even though I spent every morning and night with them…a work a lot…so nursery sort of raises them..and to be honest it’s done a great job. Ruby’s quotes stated that she loved shopping with me…she bought bears…(which I misread for ‘beers’ and that she loved going to the forest to hot tub, but the hot tub is not a bath!’ HAHAHA.

Junior had his feet stamped on a calendar that read ‘MistleTOES.’ LMAO. And like his father Keiran…he has the BIGGEST FEET FOR A CHILD EVER! They’re like flippers. You don’t want my son to ninja kick you, as he’d manage to get you from Burma and back with those feet!

Christmas rocks!

Sooooo, i don’t have anything planned for my birthday. I’ve bought myself gifts. I want to get surprised and spoiled. My birthday accidentally lands on MAD FRIDAY…yet i didn’t even realise because i’m a proper oldie now. However, saying that no one actually believes i’m going to be 34, as i apparently look 20 something. BOOYAH! It’s them little Asian genes..and foundation by Estee Lauder. Hellllooo Double wear! I don’t know how i’ve managed to age well…with all the past partying i’ve done. I think that i’ve accidentally looked after myself without realizing, because really…all ive’ done is romanced, drank wine, lived in the Sun, returned and had babies.

I’m hoping all goes well from tomorrow onwards….

in the meantime…




It’s my birthday on FRIDAY!!! EEEk!

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