Work ‘it’ Wednesdays, Fairy doors & Family


Happy Wednesday!!!

This is the part where i get all my days muddled up, as my Tuesday is my Monday, which totally throws me off track.

But yes, last night was great. It was quiet, but it was great! The rubbish part was that i felt fluey (don’t we all, so I won’t whop out a ‘pity party’ ) AND my ankle is well and truly busted. I honestly can’t walk on it when i get home, to the point that I have to make like i’m in the Bahamas and walk around my home in FLIP FLOPS, the entire time. And WEDGE flip flops at that! It’d be alright if i wasn’t all hibbly. I don’t strut at all and we all know how much that devastates me.

For tea, I ended up having handfuls of bombay mix. Tragic. But only because i used my time chitter chattering with Junior. I work so much that I never get as much quality time with the babies as I want. (Hence why i need to win the lottery, so i can stay at home and be a normal Mum.) Yet, we laid in bed, watching Peppa Pig and then we chattered all about his day. He’s a cheeky one, so he cracks me up, as his world is just filled with laughter and beams. He’s so random and so hilarious. Ruby is obsessed with her fairy door right now, so the fact that we have fairies living in our home, that write and leave her magical notes or little gifts every single morning, makes her world complete. Nothing is better than that sort of ‘magic.’ I secretly get really into it, as there hasn’t been a day YET, where in which I have forgotten my ‘fairy’ duties. I mean, just watching her be so excited and feel a sense of purpose each morning, because of this magical fairy door, makes me giggle, but makes me feel alive.

Don’t just have bombay mix for dinner. It’s shit and I swear i’m getting my stress rash.

Anyway, I hope you have a decent Wednesday…Tuesday…whatever day you want it to be. 🙂

Get to it, enjoy it….LIVE.

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