Work, Deadlines & Wazza gets married tomorrow much!


Super massive sorries for not getting around to blog, but I am crazy dazy busy right now and just trying to slot anything in 😉 seems almost impossible!! There’s so much on the juggle. I have plates spinning all around me and well i’m actually championing it better than i thought I could! Yeah…i’m getting those moments where i’m about to fill to the absolute brim with anxiety. I lose the plot sometimes, yet more often than not, i feel the urge to be a stress head and instead opt for breathing it out calmly.

Lots going on…Day job…great! Working really hard…almost every day. You need to do that until you get to where you want to be in life. Situations tend to open doors. They always have done in my life. Those who are working are always doing better than those who aren’t, as long as there is balance. I guess people always want to leap forward to the ‘result.’ They don’t want to do the hard work part and simply skip to the ‘living the dream.’ The smart people know that you have to work really hard to getting and creating your ‘dream come true.’ You don’t just wake up one morning, think you’re the Queen of Sheba and 9 mins later become it. There is working hard to overcome…and that is what i’m doing. Its’ the accumulating finances stage…and i’m enjoying it. Always work a job, any job, until you have the job that you want. BUILD!

I was really tired midweek, simply because Junior decided to be sick. Mama decided to lay awake next to him out of love, until i felt he was better. I worked the next day, all day…like a trooper…got my period inbetween and finally got to my FRIDAY. My Friday ended up being awesome, because i hit ‘target’ and beyond…and well not onl do i get to have an actual LAY IN tomorrow. Yes, an actual lay in where i don’t get up at six o clock, in the morning.

BUT TOMORROW afternoon, at 3.45pm, WAZZA and his lovely ‘forever’ Hannah…are GETTING MARRIED. SO i finally get to go to Wazza’s wedding. 🙂 Super excited. couldn’t be happier. Starting off by taking just Ruby’ then later on in the evening we will be joined by my Mum, dad, Brother and Baby Junior. As you know, I ADORE WEDDINGS and it will just be lovely to watch someone i care about get married. I mean, Wazza has been to every single one of my wedding :)…even the one in LA and well how amazing is it that I finally get to go to HIS! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY, for both of them! PLUS, Junior and Howel finally get to meet!!

Tomorrow will be the best way to spend my Saturday. Can’t wait.

I have  a wine. I’m looking over my gift bag designs for my eyelash line. My eyelashes and lash boxes are currently in production. I’ve seen the first few hand woven lashes and they are brilliant! They’re  China right now…and i can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’ve gotten my gift wrap tissue and ribbons…i’m nervous because of my Xmas deadline, but have faith that i’ll sell them! I’VE CREATED THE BEST EYELASHES  in the entire WORLD

But before that.. i need a snooze. Luckily, American Business savoiur Zach has given me the option of having him on board for the longterm, which makes me happy. Makes me less terrified.

Wish me luck. Need a nap. The babies are in bed. And well….WAZZA gets married tomorrow!!! Eeek!!




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