Wishing on Stars

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It’s important in life that you build your own merry dreams, otherwise you’ll find yourself being hired to build someone elses. However, if you’re hired into an environment which qualifies as your ‘dream come true’ then you’ve also won the game of life. Do the things that you are passionate about, yet makes sure you’re passionate about the right kinda things.

Preach over.

More importantly, MY CHILDREN BOTH SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT!! Mind fuck? What! They even snored!! n fact, because I was naturally concerned by all this sleeping, I even woke up at 5.16am to have a peek at them because it all seemed a bit too dodgy? They slept and woke up HAPPY. Life is turning great! My newborn night shift is almost over and well the good thing is that I stuck it out, I accomplished it and i’ve been here every second! Yeah Baby! Love being a mum!

So, on the work front and it’s a big part of my life right now as i’ve stepped back into ‘work mode’ after squeezing children from my womb. I have a lot of opportunity from all walks of wherever. So, now i’m in a position where I need to ponder the correct direction that I wish to take in order to be a success and a huge success is what i’m looking for here. Not a little bit of a peek at ‘the  big time.’

The last few months have made me string and I suddenly realized how great a being I am. 🙂 I’m actually good at a lot of things, but proper good, more good than I ever thought. When a girl finds her strength she is unstoppable. I feel unstoppable and when I feel this merry way, it sort of makes me SEXIER! 

I’m glamourous, fun, smart, lucky and doing things! I have a great foundation, lots of support and a great pair of peepers. My children are in perfect condition 🙂 and well what have I got to be maungy about. NOT MUCH! I’m brimming over with a positive glow and it seems that it’s quite contagious. I hope you’re feeling the same today, otherwise i’m just gonna end up with an inbox of hate mail. 🙂

I had an exhausting day yesterday, where my ability was tested. It was a last minute day of rush-rush, but I did it and i’m so proud that I did. You can’t really give up at things in life and expect to be a champion. A champion mindset, needs to be followed up with a champion sense of action. If you add a giggle, sex appeal, a working brain and determination to that, you end up doing well. People get ahead in the time that others waste. Everyone I know who is or has been a success, focused upon what their goal was and didn’t waste time surrendering to distractions…be it partying, be it fun…be it…whatever your bad vice is.

So, i’m at a cross road.  But a good one where I need to decide what I want, where I want to go and commit to it.

I’m happy to be so lucky. But i’m one to be more grateful these days for such a shot.

I’ve done really well these last few weeks and no-one can strip me of that. My pants are gleaming anyhow!

The world is a big old place and it’s important that you focus on the stuff in it that matters. Yesterday on the train I watched…well heard this stupid, chavy bloke, yelling…quietly yelling at his girlfriend for everything and then some. He couldn’t see what he was doing and didn’t know how stupid he actually sounded. But he actually blamed her for not changing and blamed her for all his other inadequacies. She sat there quietly and took it. I felt bad for her because it was quite obvious who the person with the problems and issues was and it was HIM. Everyone was doing  slant looks at him and well I almost turned around and said something. He was that idiotic. That’s something, a petty little thing that I hope that women doesn’t focus upon. The universe is massive and well hopefully she wont class that train journey convo as so important that it alters her life and her ambition. He tried to make her lose faith in herself simply because he had lost faith in himself, which simply means he’s insecure. I wanted to sprinkle his girlfriend down with magic Wunna dust…all glitter..and hope for the best. Those moments don’t matter because they’re not positive. Karma is a right old bitch, he’ll get his…all she needs to do bury him with her OWN success and throw away the shovel with a smile. 🙂

We’re meant to have an amazing life. each and every one of us. We’re meant to have all our dreams come true. We’re just our own worst enemies at times. Don’t be. Make your mark.

Impossible is nothing. Everything happens not really for a reason, but the way you think it should happen.

Dreams come true every day. You can have it all…be it a happy love life, family, great job, great world and everything in between. I know this simply because people do it every day. Every moment as the clock ticks forward a second, someone has had a dream come true.

Challenges are there to help you grow, make sure they do…

Every time you DON’T try…someone else takes your shot at being someone.


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