Winning at Life #not


Nothing makes you feel more like a *LOSER* when you’ve just handed in months worth of unchecked lottery tickets into your local supermarkets cashier, mainly to empty your purse of false hope and litter…yet in the back of your mind thinking, ‘Hey…I better just check to see if I’ve won the jackpot’ than having the lovely cashier lady quite publicly place each one of your tickets into the machine & out loud shouts, as each one scans throw…’Nope…not a winner.’

By this time and of course because it’s MY idiotic life AND a flipping Saturday a giant line…(not a conga one…a shit one where everyone listens in) has accumulated like a middle aged snake of green, blues and greys, with bags that they brought from home to save the earth. So, I had to stand there in my full glamour pussy glory…with a prawn sandwich in my hand, being told that i’m ‘not a winner’ almost 14 times IN A ROW! ย AND IN FRONT OF, what seemed like…THE ENTIRE RESIDENTS of the village that I live in Ackworth. JESUS!

‘Not a winner……nope…not a winner…nope…sorry love..not a winner…nope…aww nooo honey…nope…not one…not a winner…’


It was the most humiliating hilarious thing that i could’ve gone through, after my last three days. Everyone was just glaring at me like I was…well exactly what the cashier was saying, ‘A LOSER.’ ย Lol. I mean she couldn’t have done it any louder if she tried. It was the slowest ‘one by one’ lottery ticket scanning ever. The Good Lord really wanted to give me a juicy kick in the knackers this time round. It wasn’t even a *kick* it was a slow painful *ball squeeze.* As if i’ve just got dumped by text…abandoned…and then get called a loser 14 times in a row publicly. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s ACE. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was hoping that the last one was a giant millions win, so I could turn around to the queue behind me and shout ‘IN YOUR FACE!!! I’M LOADED!! MILLIONS! ALL MINE!MINE!MINE! WINNER!WINNER!WINNER!’

Other than all that, I don’t feel as bad about Keiran now. I have no idea why he was so stupid…but he’ll have his reasons and well that’s down to him. I’m going to continue being fabulous and maybe pour myself a vino.

The good thing about having the children go spend time with their Daddies on rotation, is the simple fact that you get that ever so lovely ‘one on one’ time with each child. Which I believe is essential. Especially because both pieces of Wunna loin fruit will naturally become attention whores. Ruby certainly is. I mean she bombed through the door today, after having her sleepover at Pete’s like a train with no brakes, all glitter, noise and giddiness. All ME..ME…ME! She’s an independent soul is Rubes and she’s every bit like her Mama, when it comes to her personality. Which is unfortunate for Peter as he’s naturally quite calm, polite and passive. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ruby is DRAMA…yet charming all at the same time. You forgive her because she’s cute. Yet she’s two and seriously…no joke, acts like a teenager. That’s me. Hence why I understand her. Then after a few, air kisses, a brief bit of affection and jumping…she decided she wanted to swan off with her grandma and go shopping for the day. Socialite alert. She even turned around, pointed at me and said, ‘You’re not coming. ‘ Lol. And that was it. 10 minutes of a whirlwind…then straight out the door. Junior however is napping with Keiran and watching Bumble bees on the telly.

Sooo, now i’ve been left on my own. I don’t mind. I quite like my own company. Yet i decided to do something shit and be productive. I’ve got this dating site i’m starting…which I guess is appropriate now ๐Ÿ™‚

I still believe in true love and people finding true love. And it’s certainly something that i’d like to give people because i’ve always fancied myself as matchmaker. I used to do it in school all the time. Now, I’m not meaning to do it like Patti Stanger and her Millionaire Matchmaker…as i’m not going to have meet ups and offices…i’m just going to do it online. New school dating for now. It’s costs effective also, incase it doesn’t work out. But i’d be pretty good at it. Plus, I haven’t chosen a niche…as well for example, I don’t think ONLY rich millionaire like men or beautifully glamourous chicks need love. Everyone does. So, i’m keeping mine open to all.

Wazza actually came up with the name for it all. It literally took FOREVER to name it…simply because every single good or even bad name for a dating site had been taken or registered.

I tried everything and he tried lots.

Anyway…then the host closed down so he had to find me another place to launch my site.

But he text me through the best that he could find…and well it was similar to what I had been searching, yet his was better and i went with it. Meaning I stole it from him. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been working on it all day, in order to get it launched. My mind and head is now boggled. I’m not at all techy when it comes to all the niggly bits. Holy shit, it’s been drama. I now need wine.

But yes…soonish, probably in a couple weeks…i will be launching my brand new dating site to help you guys find true love and for people of any circumstance, any age…any time.

I hope it goes well. I’ve worked on it really hard.

Other than that I’ve had the Sunday Sport see in i want a column…but i’d have to have boobies out…which I can’t do. I’m not at all closed off to nudity, yet when you’re a Mama, the Sunday Sport type of nudity really isn’t delicious. I’d do a Playboy…but i don’t get why I can’t write a column with my boobs in?

There’s more book stuff on the way, blog stuff, reality show stuff…appearances and the whole motivational speaking thing.

Plus, I’m doing online PR. Freelance. Own company. Which I’m quite good at now. Alls well. I’m excited. I’m going back to work shortly. Yet as soon as I do…i busy up. Idealistically I’d like to come up with something from home and work it, or do something entertainmenty and mainly because I could then be a Mummy fully..and work to my own schedule. I don’t mind working for others. Yet from the people that do…it seems everyone hates it. I actually don’t. I love it. I love working…but sort of only if it’s creative.

Anyway, i’m gonna go. Love you. Be winners. Love hard.

Chrissie x



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