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Hey Dolls!

I’ve worked all day and it’s been awesome. The great thing about ‘awesome’ days at work, is that that you NEVER expect them to be that awesome, meaning that when they are…or if they’re not so bad, then you get all giddy, like you’ve won trophies or something even better. I think I just work with a decent bunch of people, which makes work 100 times more excellent. Plus, other than work colleague Adam having new hair, I found out that I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this week coming. What??? Again! I CANNOT WAIT! This weekend i’m DEFINITELY wanting to plan something adventurous, something different…something new. Especially since I have Friday off also. Whether it be a trip down to London, or a check into a five star hotel..I just want an adventure. I fun spontaneous one, with whoever wants to join in. (No one ever wants to ‘join in’ things with me…as being impulsively fun terrifies people, breaks the bank or is just not what the Doctor ordered for them. Lol. Maybe it’s Me? I never thought about that!)

Anyway, last night, I went for a couple of drinks, like I said at ‘The tap and barrel’ in Pontefract. It was a Saturday, but i wasn’t really feeling it. I was sort of just drinking my lemonade and red wine lemonade spritzer and wondering what life would serve upl, in my big hair, dress and with a cheeseboard that Tony had bought us.

If anything, the cheeseboard was the highlight of the evening. It was again AMAZING. So amazing that we passed it around friends, who had just walked in and they sat by it and ate it like the world was the happiest place that any human could wish to be upon. I mean, Tony only bought the cheeseboard because he felt like he had to buy me something because I had bought him our drinks. It made him feel better and like he wasn’t indebted to anyone. Lol. I’m naturally generous and i’ll buy rounds of drinks for anyone, simply because i’m kind, i like people to be having a good time and well…if i have it, i’ll happily enjoy every single moment of treating others.

Dodge showed up and reminded me that ‘I want to be a Hippy’ was an actual song that I completely forgot existed and THEN further reminded me that the Saturday before WE LIVED CHUMBAWUMBA….because I found myself stood at the bar ‘in real life’ saying, ‘he’s had a whisky drink…and he’s had a lager drink…he’s had a…’ That’s when Dodge looked at me, sniggered and said, ‘shit isn’t that Chumbawumba.’ πŸ™‚ He was feeling rough because he did his own version of what i call my ‘tequila dance,’ except his doesn’t end on a merry go around in Hollywood, in neon…before passing out, his is upside down, doing shots, whilst telling REALLY SOBER PEOPLE to ‘Count him down.’ HAHAH.

‘Count me down bitches! Count me DOWN.’ (He apparently got PUT to bed. πŸ™‚

Lots of people ended up coming out. I mean, Tony met me and decided to ramble on about buying courthouses that he can’t afford so he could turn them into brothels. Dodge and I were bosom buddies for the evening simply because the same people were annoying us. I felt a bit annoyed, maybe a little annoyed and i think it was simply because I was tired, I was ‘off button’ and lots of different people that I only half knew we’re all up in my business. πŸ™‚ It was an okay evening, but I was working in the morning, so i kinda felt bored…and when i’m bored i get the hump. I get bored EASILY and with anything that is either repetitive or dull…or looooong πŸ™‚ …hence why i’m looking to plan excitement, for the weekend to come.

I want to throw skin to the wind and live. I’m a chick that’s really ‘together’ yet a whole lot of fun at the same time. I guess the ‘package’ is good with me…i’m a bit of everything, good bits and bad bits combined. (But mainly good bits. HONEST!! πŸ™‚ I guess, what i have or am is ‘balanced.’ I’m foolish, but wise. Loud but quiet. Traditional and modern.)

I’m also someone who naturally likes doings things, ANY things in general. So, right now in life, i’m feeling pretty social. I’m bored though. I’m really bored. Everything feels so samey. Everything needs a Wunna touch, a bit of excitement. I want an adventure. Just a brief one as I have work and responsibilities. But i’m a happy soul and happy souls need pleasure.

I don’t even have anything else to say to you? I’m kinda all confused because it’s Sunday, yet feels like a Monday to me, because i’ve had to work. In fact, I bumped into Owen last night, who thought that i probably wouldn’t remember him. Lol. (I remember EVERYONE.) Ages ago, when i was young and just off the telly…Wazza and I had gone to ‘Biggies’ and well Owen was there…and a picture of him glaring at my boobies was taken and plastered almost everywhere. πŸ™‚ It apparently got him into a lot of trouble, but he said he didn’t care because he was actually looking. (I still apologized. πŸ™‚ ) Then we got into a talk about Nick, (as in Knight…as in ‘off the telly’ Nick) as he’s besties with the boy and…well I don’t know what or why…but Nick had apparently sauntered in with a ‘get this I saw Wunna today…’ and proceeded to tell a story. Now, when Nick had actually seen me on that day, he was all ‘blushy’ and strange and banging into Cacti. ( ‘I just sort of fumbled it all in front of her and dropped all these cactuses.’) So, in order to save embarrassment… all I’ll say is that Nick now builds greenhouses. (He doesn’t build greenhouses. In fact Owen asked me do a snapchat to his friend, yesterday to PROVE something to another.)

I need a chilled ‘vino’ moment Β in my pj’s and a cuddle.

Lots of people are ticker tackering in my ‘business’ right now and it makes me feel odd. It sort of makes me not trust people. Or makes me worry unnecessarily.

It’s bizarre because i’m a girl who writes a very candid blog, a really open blog. Yet, i sort of tell you the bits that I want to tell you. I’m open, yet i’m still quite private (told you i was everything πŸ™‚ ) so the fuzziness and the buzz that comes with Wunna land, (although i’m grateful for it) can become a little much.

But i’m happy. So, let’s pour a wine and get on with it. x


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