Windy Madness

OMG! How windy is it today? Sunday is not meant to be this windy dude! Now i very rarely ever miss LA, because i feel as though i’ve ‘done’ it (literally.) Yet I swear DOWN, you cannot beat the weather in good old tinsel town, even if it is littered with sinners, boob jobs and heart-ache. (I’ve just been watching The Saturdays on ITV2 and ‘awwing’ at how happy they were to be in Hollywood. It made me smile because when i was younger, it’s all i dreamt of and got there. After 6 years…infact after 3…you soon realize that the ‘walk of fame’ is just a pavement. The tinsel is nowhere to be seen. The people are less than whole of heart and everyone is trying to up themsleves on that ladder of gimme gimme. I LOVED my Twenties there, because i’m that kind of person. However, i do feel that i graduated and can finally move on! My friends and I would always say Hollywood was just a transit place, a glitzy ariport waiting area. As soon as you graduated emotionally…you were saved! )

Anyway, yeah, i made up with Loverboy last night. We’re back to our normal selves in paradise. I spoke to him on the phone until 1am last night, about money, love and happiness. He wanst togetherness, but a togetherness that means forever. I want that too…we’re doing that. But for some reason my body sort of wants to reject it…like it would be a SIn to hand over my independancy to another. I’m the Kitty Queen of ‘skin to the wind- let’s go gallopping in the fields of joy wrecklessly and topless.’ I’m not used to fulltime togetherness. I want it. I do…yet it’s just gonna take some time to ease me into it. I guess like that evil fan ‘ahet mailed’ me…you really can’t turn a whore into a housewife.’ Well you can…but not easily. I hate it when my hate mailers are right! UGH!

Enough of that! I need to write this quick, as Pete’s on his way to get me. I’m gonna be suoer nice, to make up for the previous girly nonsense. I just can’t help it. I am walking ‘girly nonsense.’ He likes the ‘nonsense’ if it’s adorable and giggly. Yet he’d  just prefer it if i’d keep the bitch in me on *hush-hush*…unless we’re in the bedroom. The Bimbo babble is fine with him. He enjoys my wide eyed *yadda-yadda.* He enjoys it because he has no idea what i’m rambling on about. i just do it with boobies. (I’m sooo cold that i’m actually wearing double eyelashes today. I have one on for length and a set on for thickness. Same we can’t do that with penis really. )

Other than that, my new facebook is a delight. I had to start over and well having zero ‘perv-fantasticos’ is so much better. I’m only adding people who i actually or talk to. Weird concept, right? Lol. I should have done this before. I mean, the whole ‘i want your pussy’ stuff was gnawing away at my soul. I hated it. It stopped being funny even. This way, i will have a much safer and way less stressful cyberland time on facey. (Everyone’s complaining because they think i’ve deleted. All i’m doing is starting again.) I thought i’d be all kinds of upset not being able to read myself getting worshipped every day from my pervy inbox. But im actually glad to being back to ME again. *Breathes.* I keep losing myself in ego. It really needs to stop.

Talked to a friend last night on ‘chat’ and well we’ve decided that i’m going to have the most ethnic baby in town. It’ll have an afro and slanted eyes. Niiice! Surely won’t be playground fodder for bullies. I can’t wait to be a Mummy now. I just want it to hurry up. I’m getting BORED with the waiting.

This morning, when i sat in bed in my pyjamas, rubbing my runny nose, my mother sat me down to talk about life, from my bed. My mum can talk and often i politely ‘zone’ her out Today i listenned to most of it and well i think she said i was like one of those fairgorund games, where you have a foam mallet and you smash the head that pop up randomly. Do you get what i mean? (No,i don’t either.) She said that insetad of concentrating on one thing at a time, i try to do everything at once. If something *pops* up…i have a *smash* at it and that’s where i’m going wrong. As much as i enjoy being compared to the most violent game at the fairground, apart from the dodgems..I will tell you that i Am worth more than 50-fucking-p. I’m at least a free dinner and a bunk up in the backseat!!  I apparently live for impressing others, instead of just impressing myself. Hmm..? I wonder how i got that way…MOTHER!?! Haha…I do love her to pieces. We’re exactly the same! (I’d say we’d scratch each others eyes out one day…but we did that when i was 17.)

Other than that, it’s windy, it’s madness and people are talking to me like they’re a pirate. I love it. *Grabs fur-searches for eye patch.* Oh shit…Pete’s already here!

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