Willing it to Work…

Today has been one of the most glorious days for your resident Queen of Greatness, your Ultimate Glamour Pussy, Your Kitty Cat of ‘Ooh laa.’ I spent the first part of it shooting (as in naked, for a photographer and not as in with toy guns..they’re far too heavy for a ‘danity’ like me to lift.) Then it was followed up with a tiny bit of filming, a couple of meaty interviews and a lovely delicious banter with a bestie…about boys. Oh and how i lurve da boys! *Wiggle-Wink* (Blows kiss.) Infact, it’s been a bit of an odd day *slurps cocktail- strokes kitten* as i have rather a lot on at the minute and i’m just trying to concentrate on ME. Right now, it seems little Chrissie Wunna has landed a place in the HOT PROPERTY box, a ‘soon to be’ fave (i’ve been told.) That’s all down to YOU, ‘safety netting’ me across a rather rocky path and ME battling my way through every obstacle, simply with a wink, a push and a whole lot of heart. I’m grateful for that. Thankyou. You can’t even imagine how grateful. I mean, I’d feel you all up, if i didn’t think you’d end up with herpes.

HOWEVER,  i do want the Dollies, who want to do the same, to KNOW that i’ve worked really hard for this and i’m still working hard. I will until i’m completely at the place where i want to be.  I’m a human dynamo, filled with a hunger, an ambition…with an almost undeniable ‘Va Voom.’ At times i feel people take advantage of that. They sort of like to jump on the Wunna boat. What my friends in LA call the Wunna ‘FAME bus,’ (lol) and travel along with me, in dying hope that THEY TO will achieve a little ‘Look at me,’ without really working too much for it. They sort of hope to *flash’ a Wunna card and get a baby step forward. I’m in the ‘on my way’ up stage. I have a lot i need to do. I can only concentrate on ME right now and people getting ‘huffy puffy’ over me not promoting them humours me. DO IT YOUR. Lol. I DID!! Don’t be defeated. You can do ANYTHING!!! What i’m here to provide is inspiration. I’ve done well..i have. But i’ve done it all myself. (All the marketting side of it.) I’ve spent time getting to know people, loving others, sweating it out, crying over nothing. I never used anyone to get ahead. I’ve paid my way emotionally. I did try to when i was in Hollywood…and well I realized it the quickest way to fail. I got my shit together and worked hard!! Hence why now, i have what everyone decorates as ‘over night success.’ I love you. I do. But i love me too and i believe in order to truely succeed, you not only have to work hard, but you must respect the players in the game. Infact, try to one day ‘out play’ them. Ambition baby!

Anyway, other than that…last night i found myself in the woods, (Haha! How ‘about to get raped’ of me.) I went for a walk with my spiritual guidance counsellor…(God this is sounding quite ‘Kum By Arrr.’) But yeah i have a clairvoyant, that guides this Kitty down the merriest of paths! I don’t really listen. (That’s not my nature.) Yet, this lady enables me to keep the peace, in the on going *buzz* of my mind. I venture in there like a drunken bee on crack and come out like fucking Ghandi. (How awful of me to use the word ‘fucking’ and Ghandi’ in the same ‘blaaaah.’) I have better tits than him though. I think his might have been a bit saggilicious! We have the same heart…so i think this means i win! *Bring in the dancing boys!!* Woohoo!

Anyway, today i feel Wunnaful. I’m 29, i’m single. I’m Happy. I’m independant. I’m living. I’m loving. My dreams every day, materialize into reality. I’m doing everything the way i wanted..some people like me…some people hate me. That part doesn’t bother me, as long as i know i enjoy me and understand them regardless. I’m feisty and feel truely comfortable. This year is all about fun and career for me. I’m back to winking at strangers, romancing the handsomes, partying like a Pussy cat and celebrating life, as i create my own story. I live in the present, but i plan for the future and i cherish the memories of my past.

People always seem to get that wrong about me. I’m not nostalgic. (Had that as a question today.) I’m a forward moving floozey. I have ‘MARCH’ tattooed on my arm! I don’t take baggage. I’m the Queen of the ‘cut & snip.’ However, i do look back upon my life, as it is the only thing that truely made me my name…a long with the wicked ‘woo’ of world wide web. Yet, it’s not because i can’t let go of my ‘misty watercoloured.’ It’s because i’ve learnt so much from my life experience and each memory will sort of merrily *dawn* on me in a gentle *flashbacky* fashion. I cherish everything i’ve done and every ‘being’ that i’ve met. I’ve been the best of people and the worst of people…I’ve been a Kitty Kat across the lands of this world. I’ve loved every waking moment and i want YOU to do the same. You have ONE shot to make a history. LIVE IT. Celebrate you. You are AMAZING! Let them KNOW! I do mine, in heels an eyelashes. You can do yours with anything you can grab your mucky mitts on.

It’s Valentines week. I’m loving the month of ‘lurve.’ It’s getting me all giddy and ‘ooh laa’ on my inside of ‘fuzzy.’ I’ve had a chat with my doll face Wazza and well as always we like to jolly you with stats… However, this time, we’re not gonna sprinkle you with ‘chrissiewunna.com’ statolaas, that we plucked from the website alone (too many now to handle sober.) Instead we’re doing the ones that are simply from my Facebook fan page. Now i don’t enjoy to look at the charts, the stats, the numbers, because it distracts me away from what i’m supposed to be focussed on, which is draping myself in diamonds, in boudoirs, pouting at my mirror image, whilst i stroke kittens and thumb through a little Black Book of ‘Goodness.’ However, the ‘Business’ in Ne (and i’ve learnt to be ruthless)…believes it will inspire…

Current Top Wunna Blog Reading countries: (And this is only from a FaceBook Fan Page..in order:)

Uk, U

When i first wrote my blog in LA, before i was even homed at a site, only 8 people read it a month and i KNEW each one. I got really drunk. I opened up. I continued to ‘wally’ onward. Three months afterward it was read my a hundred more people. Now you read this in every continent of the world, people have it  on their Ipods. People go to it in times of need. People find themselves on it, in a moment of boredom. I’m truely grateful for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. You’ve fooled me into believing, i can actually inspire. I love you very much and KNOW that with a little bit of ‘winging‘ it, a little bit of a ‘wink,’ a whole lot of  Grey Goose and the purrfectest of pouts…You could do it TOO!!! Find your niche and work it merrily. Concentrate on making your story worthwhile, forget the numbers!! Live the life!

All my love

Chrissie Wunna x

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