This is me being told to turn my ipod off and actually listen when someones trying to have a conversation with me. How rude of them! LOL. I much prefer choosing my own backing tracks to peoples really rubbish stories. They make more sense and i can opt for drowning them out with melody. Plus, i was being given ‘swimming lessons of the penis…’ a subject that i pretty much know everything about. Hellooo? Grade 8 pink trombome bitches! I even invent my own blow jobs now! (Like ‘The Mexican.’) But yeah, i was trapped in a Mercedes prison in a parking lot, before a ‘meet and greet’ with some whore of a man telling me ‘there’s breast stroke, back stroke, stroke of a GEENIUS,’ whilst forcing me to ‘shake my money maker’ to Ludacris. I wasn’t impressed, but only cos i couldn’t really hear him??

12 thoughts on “Willies”

  1. u look ream in this pic chrissie but u always do. u should tell the geezer to stop waffeling or shut up mate your boring me always works

  2. what u know i am thick as pig shit such words as a blurb dont get used much on my mannor so if u would kindly enlighten me on what a blurb is i would be most grateful

  3. Oh i’m sorry honey!!

    The ‘Blurb’ is the brief piece of writing on the back of a book..that usually full of praise!!

    Yet according to the Urban Dictionary it is the ‘accidental drooling during a speech….or a Virgin!’ LOL

  4. ok sweetones so i will write the back bit of your book saying how u are a diamond and a propa guvna who i want ot get ot come and meet me in essex one time so i can take her out to eat and stick pink shampoo down her throat all night somethnig like that. i dont know the urban dictonary i use me own ha ha ha


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