Wiggly boobs, Rest and No Knickers


This morning I woke up grumpy.Nothing is fun about a 2 year old grabbing your weave, shouting ‘WAKE UP MUMMY, WAKE UP,’ whilst slapping you across the face, due to you not being able to commit to her minor demand, followed by the words, ‘I want CLOUD BABIES.’ All I can say, in the nicest possible way is…FUCK Cloud Babies at 5.35am. My beautiful loin fruit has turned ‘Diva’…full on ‘DIVA,’ and yeah I know this is expected with her being raised by the ever glitzy moi…with a delicious side stroke of ‘Daddy Keiran.’ But shes’ really only like it with us, or people that she knows..with everyone else, she’s all ‘pus in boots’ adorable…like butter wouldn’t melt. Keiran had slept on the sofa. He’s not in the dog house, in fact far from it, we’re doing tremendously well right now and well any couple that isn’t when they’re going to be having a baby together in a couple weeks needs…gin, therapy or to realize what’s important.

Anyway, he woke up to me shouting ‘RUBY GET OFF MY WEAVE!!!’ (That was the part where my child was yanking it out of my head, crying her eyes out ans shouting ‘Cloud Babies.’ Yesterday, we were in a store in Doncaster and I had told a furniture lady, jokingly..like ya do, that Ruby was hard work…and OUT OF NOWHERE came the voice of my pretty 2 year who shouted ‘IT’S HARD FOR ME AS WELL TOOOOOOO!!’ lol. I have no idea where she gets it’s from. *Wiggle-wink.* But she’s ever cheeky and the most chatty little kid on the block. I don’t know how she’s learnt everything so fast, but all i’m gonna cheers it to is ‘nursery.’ That way if she does anything naughty, I can then blame them for everything. 🙂 I have a very forward child, which is great when you’re not in your 9th month of pregnancy having to chase her and her attitude around with wiggly boobs. (I can’t wear any underwear right now due to it all feeling too restricting. It’s not sexy, so there’s not need to now Google Wunna Boobs and start getting heated…if any of you still do such a thing. (Men love the old school pictures of me, simply because the picture doesn’t talk, or demand anything from them. The ‘real’ me is VERY different. 🙂 ) I’m sitting in my living room, waiting for my tan to dry in a black maxi dress and no undies. It’s sticky and uncomfortable. But whatever, I like wiggly boobis now. They’re sexier than my fakertrons.

Beautiful day today innit. It certainly perked me up, so now i’m not a msiery, i’m delighted. Cooked breakie, curled my hair, realized how easy I had life right now and enjoyed it. Keiran’s in the garden hitting imaginary golf balls, Ruby is at Pete’s and yesterday I spent the entire day exhausted in Doncaster. Shopping is not easy now and when that happens, you’re doomed. I couldn’t even stand up, let alone put one foot in front of the other. I’d like this bambino to decide to make an early arrival, yet that wouldn’t be very trendy, so I don’t truly expect him too. You think it’s because I can’t wait to see my son..yet alongside that, it’s also because I want a vodka. Okay no…i meant champagne.

Today is my day of rest. I completely forgot that it was a bank holiday weekend, so i’m excited no for no real reason. I mean it’s not as if I can shimmie on table tops to Kylie is it? If there were legs that were last, yesterday I would’ve been on them. However, today I’ve noticed that instead of using this time to relax…i’m deliberately finding things to do, in order to rebel against chill time. I’m that ridiculous.

The good thing is that my hubby..my lovely hubby, is looking at me like i’m beautiful. Maybe keeping my pants off was a good thing. 😉 To be honest, I’ve been wearing big knickers and leggins at grocery stores, incase my water’s break. I’d hate to be in a dress with no knickers on, if that were to happen, down the frozen food isle. It’d hardly be very lady like…at least in pants and leggings, i can make like it’s not even happening, smile and strut out of the store for a clean up and a midwife phonecall.

Hope you’re all well and doing something jolly with someone you love.

Life is good..so enjoy it..and why not do it with wiggly boobs. Best type of boobs in town.

ps/ I had an odd moment today, where Keiran, Ruby and I were playing outside in the garden. Well, Ruby and Keiran and Ruby were playing, I was filming them on my phone. Pete arrived to pick Ruby up for his day of ‘Being Daddy,’…we all get on so it’s not crazy weird or anything and simply because we’re not the cast of ‘Jeremy Kyle.’ So we were in the sun chatting and getting Ruby in order for her trip to Roundhay park…(I think that’s where he’s taking her?) Anyway, yes…there was an odd moment where I was simply stood and infront of me to my right, was Keiran…in front of me to my left was Pete and running inbetween them was Ruby (who delighted in showing Pete,Keiran’s toes.) She was calling them both Daddy, well more Keiran ‘Daddy’ and Pete ‘Daddy Pete’ and as she yo-yo’d between them and I looked on at what I had created…you kinda sort of have a moment where you pause, stop, (I mean you’re happy that it’s all worked out okay) but then you think….’this really is a bit of a Wunna slutty moment.’

Ah well…life goes on..

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