Who’s ya Daddy…..?

So, you know how you were all being really boring (and when I say ‘all’ I simply mean my Yorkshire friends) and none of you wanted to do anything fun or hang out with me! Remember that? Lol. Remember?

On Friday night, I had a fucking sandwich and a bath and that was all. Remember that? Remember? Oh and fair enough, some of you who were on dates managed to get trashed and then around 10pm decided to send me over excited,  screaming text messages begging for me to ‘come out’ and play party…but by then i was already in chill mode. The pj’s had been whopped on and the meditation music was a playing to rock my pretty Burmese self to sleep.

Well, on Saturday, you were all still the same. BORING. (Well, so i thought? I mean, I figured getting fun out of you lot was like squeezing blood our of a stone..) So, being ME, i decided to find not let life get the better of me and enjoy it. I found my own fun, chatted to a ‘someone,’ Tweeted and threw skin to the wind and before you know it, i had driven myself to the train station, parked up and got onto a train to London to find myself some bouji, five star cocktails. FUN cocktails.

Now, I Tweet, Facebook and Snapchat everything, as I’m a whore for a bit of ‘hey, look at me.’ You know that. I know that. We’re all good with it. Champagne and selfies for everyone! So, by this point, you all know that i’m moaning that i’m bored and you’re all still too busy, yet you now know that i’ve got all exciting an plonked myself o a train to London. (Everyone acts like a Yorkshire/London trip, or vice versa is some kind of trek to the otherside of the world. It literally takes an hour and a half. You all should do it more often. I mean, I only intended to go up there for a few cocktails and fly back the same evening.)

I even wee’d in this shitty loo.

But yes, i’m on the train, all happy, pretty and in the sunshine. BUT NOW, you’re all texting and messaging me asking me why i never fuckign invited you out in the first place!!!! Lmao!! Are you kidding?? HAHA. I had people moaning that they didn’t do anything on Friday and would’ve hung out and people moaning that i didn’t take them to London with me. HAHAH. But it wasn’t like nobody knew i had no fun going on for Friday or Saturday, as i had rambled on about it ‘pity party’ style for hours on end. HOWEVER, apparently, you were all just listening to me ramble, yet waiting for me to actually INVITE you all to do something. Lol

My friend ‘Ben’ (and I know loads) said that his Friday was shit and he could’ve not done something and this was after he had read my moany Facebook status. I just laughed and was like ‘well yeah, we could’ve hung out.’ His reply…’Well why didn’t you invite me?’

I’m shit at inviting people. I just let people invite themselves and tag along. I enjoy that more and i’m easy going, in fact probably the most easy going being you’ll ever meet. So, you can quite freely say ‘Wunna, I’m doing this with you, or we’re doing that’ and in a  happy go lucky fashion…i’ll agree.

Ben then pissed himself and stated that i didn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘an invite’ because I couldn’t invite people to things ttat had already happened! HAHAHAH. It made laugh out loud on the train. I looked like the weird, laughy, train twat for about 4 minutes.

What i’m saying, just tag along, invite me out, or just say what’s going to be happening. I’m cool with it.

Yesterday….I went to London, for cocktails and because my Yorkshire folk were just being dull.

Got to London, the sun was out, there was already a buzz in the air, an excitement in the atmosphere. People were everywhere, out and about enjoying life. Even sitting on a sunny bench looked fun at the train station.

I took a trip to the cash machine and then grabbed myself a cab..

…to The Mayfair hotel, a place I know well and well, they do great food, cocktails and customer service there. It’s five star, it’s nice…it’s makes you feel at home. (If you enjoy a bit of normal luxury.) They like me there, because I would always blog about my shenanigans….after I did the ‘Hilton’ show.

I enjoyed London and the sunshine for a while..all the time texting and snap chatting…then I tottered on into the bar to drink cocktails. The bar tenders liked my company so much that they ended up making special ones up for me to drink. But i pretty much stuck to the strawberry ad lychee mojito. Soooooooooo, yummy. Great service. They were the friendliest people ever and well the staff though that i was the single most ‘down to earth’ customer that they had met in a long time. Apparently i made them smile. Which I liked. I enjoy the art of making people that little bit perkier.

I was actually waiting for someone at this point…so I was chatting away to the bar tenders, texting, snapchatting, doing work calls and lapping up that bit of luxury, that i couldn’t find in Yorkshire. Random blokes with what i call ‘rich people’s problems’ kept trying to chat me up, business men and just random older guys and everytime they did, one of the bartenders would turn into my bodyguard and ‘glare’ them out until they felt uncomfortable and left! LOL. I appreciated that, as I never have the heart to be evil to them, as i’m quite flattered…always. I enjoy to be adored.

Anyway, i was waiting for a while and I knew that I was enjoying the cocktails too much and that my last train home seemed so early, so i did what nay Glamour puss with a wink would do, who hated being in a rush. (If there’s anything that i hate in life, it’s feeling rushed when i’m having fun.) I checked myself into The (five star) Mayfair hotel so i could enjoy the night there instead…with great company and in a new town…in luxury.

They already had my details on file…so it kinda wen smoothly. Once that was sorted I felt free, like i was no longer on a timer.

Then the cocktails and sunshine came a plenty.


I laughed, winked and enjoyed life and just enjoyed the natural flow of my life. I’m an independant girl and I love that i know what matters in life, yet also know how to live. I told you, there are the people who ‘do’ and the people who ‘don’t.’ And it has nothing to do with money…it just has to do with life and I naturally love LOVE and love life….meaning that it loves me back, so i enjoy it. I work hard enough to enjoy it when i can. Yeah, i’m a bit of a nutter, a bit of a go getter, confident, fun, and bold, yet it works for me. I’m shy too at times But right now, i feel strong. I mean after everything i’ve been through. I’m soooooooo happy to be back, be strong and feel like me again. Life is wonderful and i feel like all my cards are lit with starlight! I feel amazing and i never let anything bother me. That’s the secret to happiness. I’m contagious and i love it. But naughty…but mainly fun. 🙂 (I mean i did end up doing a sick on my room carpet, yet that was by accident and it was only my cocktails, so it was bouji…there were no carrots in it or anything.)

I ended up having to check into my room early simply because I needed somewhere to charge my phone. (I love that.) So I got comfy in there for an hour of chill, as I waited. It was fun at first, asi was still excited and Tweeting everything, Then waiting got boring, once i was situated, done all the room dancing that I could do and taken every selfie imaginable. But because I kept using my phone, it kept not fully charging, I was taking AGES. It was annoying me. I could’ve had a nap in that time.

Anyhow about an hour and a half afterward, when it had turned ot evening, my phone finally charged up meaning that i could leap with excitement and go back to the bar.


I had paced myself all day because i didn’t want to be drunky, but once i knew that i was staying,..that was it..I lifted up the caution barrier and went for it. 🙂

I was popular in The Mayfair bar, with both people and staff. I decided to drink shit loads more and just have the most amazing time ever.

That’s all it was really. Cocktails, five star suites, hotel nights and good new faces.

But it sort of made my weekend worth it. I was an adventure and well actually i think something good has occurred from it. 🙂

Did my usual, totter back up to my room, strip down naked, still texting and snapchatting, (yet now not everyone…once i’m tipsy, i sort of focus in on one person )and then just like that, after plonking my phone on charge, still chatting to them via snapchat…i fell asleep, like a cocktail PRINCESS, immersed in her own five star luxury.

Woke up, felt amazing, pulled myself together, checked out…enjoyed the sunshine, jumped in a cab and got driven to the train station. All of this at around 10am. I’m an early bird. I’m usually working lots so my body clock gets up up by 7am..always.


I kinda found it funny, as everyone at The Mayfair is always really lovely to me..so now i feel bad for doing a sick..as it’s my old stomping ground. (I used to live in London.)

But i also found the fact that I was doing the ‘walk of shame’ all the way back to Ponty from London. HAHAHA. Boujiest ‘walk of shame’ ever much! I mean, I was still in the same dress and everything…having to venture back home to an entire different part of the country. Yet instead of it being a small 10 minute walk, with a kebab. It was a wake up in a five star hotel, get in a cab, catch a train, find my car and drive back to my home job! It was hilarious, I even had a massive burrito on the way! (Such a lady.)

Anyway, i’m happy because I had an adventure and such an amazing time. I mean, as if i ventured to London to find fun, simply because i though everyone in Ponty was being boring. HAHAH. Idiot! But like i said, a good thing as occurred from it.

I texted and snapchatted throughout my journey home, which sort of made me smile. Plus, my train both ways had charging facilities ont hem, which oddly always makes me smile! (It’s the simple things.) I mean, i do love travelling at the weekend to London, as it’s far less busy and annoying. It’s calm and chilled…and sunnier. However, when i was on the train, after my burrito, with my Starbucks mocha, some chick did that thing were there are a hundred empty seats on the train, yet you SIT ON THE ONE RIGHT NEXT TO ME. UGH! On Sunday’s we all need our train space. Lol. It was only annoying because i couldn’t take Selfies. HAHA. She was actually lovely though. At least she didn’t try and make random conversation with me. I was far too tired to cope with it.

Got onto northern soil, an hour and a half later, searched for my car, as of course i couldn’t remember where I had parked it. I then slipped out of my heels, put on my driving shoes, smelt mushy peas and gravy int he Yorkshire air and drove home to be greeted my my Mum and Baby Junior. AWWWW! Best greeting EVER!

Hope you had an adventurous weekend and made the most out of life. Live, love hard, work hard and be happy. It’s all about balance.

Chrissie x



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