Who’s Bored?


Goshy!! How many of you were BORED last night!! I mean, I must’ve honestly got a message from almost every being i know, even beings that i don’t quite know and beings who i’ll never know, all stating BOREDOM.

Some of you had been out and were ‘recovering’ bored. Some of you were ‘unloved and had nothing to do’ bored. Some of you wished to be ‘snuggled up by someone that you couldn’t be’ bored and some of you were just ‘looking for another party fix’ bored.

Why is everyone bored? Lol. Why does everyone reckon Wunna land is more exciting. I spent the evening almost childless, drinking flutes of champers by myself, watching telly in m pyjamas. In fact i got a message from new acquaintance ‘Scott’ who found that oddly poshy. However, it was only champers because that’s all that was in my cupboards. Lol. You know what I mean, when you do that ‘hunt for something to do, drink or conquer’ in cupboards. I could only find champagne…so that was my sin of choice. It could’ve been worse…i could’ve found Gary Glitter, as  I swear my cupboards lead to some kind of sordid Narnia of evil.

Anyway, Scott stated that he was also BORED and wished his cupboards were like my cupboards. (When you’re talking to new acquaintance about cupboards, you’re fucked. 🙂 ) But yeah…he prefers RUM.

I could tell i was bored because i was online A LOT. I enjoy being online a lot, yet it always means i have nothing to do, as my life is usually a tad bit more busy. I sent selfies, kisses and life to people ad didn’t even get bollocked once.

Enough of that however! You all should be happy as tonight we finally get to draw a line under the shitty year it has been 2014!! I say shitty yet to be honest and because i’m lucky, mine turned out to be AMAZING! I have no clue why, but it decided to take a U turn in May and my world became glistened over with luck!

I began this time last year having a panic attack, a miscarriage and with a marriage swirling down the plug hole. My parents were away an there i was with the babies, still doing life with a smile regardless. In life stuff just happens and it’s the ones that can still function with a warm heart, a real smile and hope that get through the best. We’ll all go through madness, shit and mayhem, but the ones who either laugh it off, live, feel it and heal fast or the ones that hero through it with faith…are the ones who bounce back without fail. I’m that girl. I’m invincible. I’ll even die and just come back to life to do a hair toss, a pout and a wink, before keeling over for the last time. 🙂

Knowing how lucky you are is the key to happiness. (I’m getting all preachy now.) Even to the breath you take. I mean, everything else, fast car, great job, brill friends, hot girlfriend…all of that is just a bonus…and a bloody good bonus at that.

This next year is going to be my year and i know it is because i survived 2014 with swagger! Yeehaa! I turned it all back  around, moved house, built myself back up, winked at surgery, made new friends, raised happy babies, started my own business, got a fun new job….and all in the last six months! I  even look better than i ever did. WIGGLE..WINK. (‘Big titted Asian’ search. That’s how a jolly good few of you found my blog yesterday.)

I’ve done a lot in my life, lived, did Hollywood, loved, romanced, partied, boys, smiles, laughter, be off the telly, had children and everything. I can’t even believe some of the experiences i’ve had…Like i’ve done everything to partied with Leonardo Di Caprio…to wee, holding hands outside a nightclub in Pontefract. Party with Paris Hilton, to sell people burnt sausage rolls. 🙂

I’m feeling refreshed, back to being Wunna and now that i’m a grown up…i’m going to be a giant success!

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who read my blog through 2014. I had GIANT SUPPORT this year, due to all the drama that occurred.

This next year is going to special and i’m going to fall in love, build a business and work hard.

This is the happiest, i have ever been during a New Year!

If anything, i wish you all the best ease through into your next chapter!!! 🙂

I’m working New Years Day…yes…in the morning, so i won’t be out and about flaunting my goods. So they’ll be no New Years smooch at midnight for me! I’m still doing family things and drinking champagne however and i’m going to celebrate my ease into the next year during this afternoon, I think! 🙂

Yet please feel free to Facetime me smooches, or selfie me smooches so i don’t feel left out!! Lol. I’ll post the best ones!

I love you all!

Thank you for following my life!! And THANKYOU TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT LASHES!


I’ll chat to you later.

Love you,

Chrissie x



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