Who runs the world….Girls! Girls!


Why do I always end up in ‘Biggies?’ I always end up in ‘Biggies?’ I mean, I EVEN WENT OUT IN A CORAL COLOURED JUMPER WITH A FUCKING SWAN KNITTED ON IT,’ just so i wouldn’t end up in ‘Biggies’ as surely my vanity buzzer would strike and I wouldn’t at all be able to bare turning up to a club dressed as…well as Adam’s friend Liam said…’a farmer.’ Lol 🙂

Again., I hung out with a bunch of boys. All friends. All acquaintances. And well, it’s sort of like Hollywood. I just currently feel more comfortable around boys. I find solace when i’m in their company. The funny thing about hanging out with a bunch of boys is the simple fact that they all get really fucked up and then start threatening to ‘smack him for that.’ HAHAHA. They don’t mean it, nor will anyone get smacked (even though someone did get smacked in the newly named ‘Ponty Tavern’ last night…yep, a fight kicked off just as I was stood in the exact wrong place, in my fucking knitted swan jumper. Lol) However, its really funny because you can just say something as innocent like ‘he said you were boring’ and means drunk boys have to state that they’re going to ‘smack him for that. HAHAHA. Girls would never say that! 🙂 Love being a girl.

But first, let me rewind. I’ve had a really busy work week and if i’m being honest, only JUST recovered from Bank Holiday.

My stress rash has gone and because of three reasons. I rested. The London boy made it his duty to chat to me, which weirdly but truly eased away my rash…(I swear, i swear…when this guy  is not in my life..and we have such an odd rapport going on, but it’s good, it’s right…but yes, when he’s not there..my body reacts funny and i get a rash) and thirdly…Jenna at work gave me a does of ‘tough love’ which being the ninja kitten that I am, respond well to! 🙂 Nobody wants to be the whiney girl with the dodgy rash and a pity party for one.

I hate a pity party, yet i’m human and incredibly girly so i’ll throw one….and you’re allowed to, provided you’re around good people who will tell it to you straight.

All Jenna said, whilst I was full on moaning was this, ‘JUST STOP FUCKING STRESSING ABOUT YOU’RE FUCKING STRESS RASH. IT’S CAUSED BY STRESS AND YOU’RE EVEN STRESSING ABOUT HAVING THE FUCKING RASH. JUST FORGET ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF GOING ON ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME.’ And just like that…i smiled…and I did. I love tough girls. It makes me have cheeky eyes. (I said ‘cheeky.’) It makes me happy to know that there are chick champions out there. PLUS, i had this awesome girl natter, after work with again Jenna and Danielle, oddly by a ceramic peacock lol…yet it was great because we were talking about boys, love and how boys have treated us badly, yet we know our worth, what we want and that we deserve better, the best or the glory of the fairytale. You think of the shit that i went through. All that shit. But regardless, here I am still smiling, open hearted, knowing that one day i’ll find my Prince. He’ll find me.

The good thing about being a Ninja Kitten 🙂 , is that we as girls may feel down, we may feel heartbroken, we may sell ourselves shiort, we may yearn for love. But the strong ones will ALWAYS pick themselves back up and make the right choices for THEM.

I truly believe that women are the most forgiving sex and we’re truly awful for it. We don’t do ourselves any favours. I mean we naturally put bullshit and caring for others before our own needs, be it men, work, life, friends or children. We do this as girls and when we’ve graduated into fully fledged women..and this is only in regards to men…. we make OUR NEEDS A PRIORITY. More women neeed to do that. I hate feeling controlled by men and hate seeing women be controlled by men.

Y’see, I think the good women always tolerate more bullshit than most and care for the unworthy broken boys that do not deserve their attention, because the good women are the strongest. But we learn and we grow Popeye heart muscles.  I guess, what i’m saying is that it’s just refreshing to see three girls, all different, from three generations …by a fucking peacock lol..know how wonderfully important and awesome they are. (I ofcourse include myself in that! 🙂 )

I’ve put up with a lot of shit from men and it’s only really now, at 34 that i feel GREAT! I’ve never felt so together, so whole and so strong. I’d make a good wife now. Which makes me and any girl made of the same sweet glitter balls…a great catch!

Next blog coming up…

I’ll tell you what I got up to last night in Ponty Massive…


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