Who Do I Fancy??

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Looong day. It rained. I’m solar powered therefore my body (that was built for pleasure) doesn’t function under such conditions. Work was great. I mean today i kinda actually worked hard (hahaha) but like really. I’m finally understanding what i’m supposed to be doing. However, when i did walk into the office this morning there was on air of ‘bizarreness.’ Like one of those ‘airs’ where you KNOW people have been talking about you. But fuck it. I’m the Queen of leaving a little bit of reputation behind me. I’m quite underestimated at work.

Currently everyone wants to know who i fancy…like a boy i’ll name ‘Elvis’ asked me a million times over whilst I was saving refugees and ‘not collecting any money.’ (Private joke.) However, i am learning to be a lot more secretive as to where my affection lies. I mean the boy or boys i fancy know i fancy them. Well i would think they do…but saying that boys hardly know anything really. They get all insecure and creeped out.

But The Dear Lord who usually hates me has blessed me with a whole shit load of options. There’s boys who love me, boys who hate me, boys who use me and boys who will never tell me that they care. In these situations i just sit back with a wine and fucking wing it. I like a brave man. One who will out right open up his heart without fear and tell me exactly how he feels. There’s not many of them nowadays. I feel like they’re intimidated my being, my ‘ooh laa,’ my ‘waa, waa, wa, waaaaaa.’ And that pisses me off. I don’t like having bigger balls than my other half. At the same time as sweetness, i’ve had a boy tell me he saw my ‘pussy,’ and another one tell me that i can’t ‘blag a blagger.’  Firstly i’m not a blagger, i’m a straight talker and secondly…i’m knackered.

Anyway i have to be up in 4 hours to get ready for work, so i’m gonna have to go. My feet fucking stink, but baby i still got it. Clucked like a chicken around a gaggle of salesmen, in an office the other day. I’m definitely doing well in life. lol

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  1. Your business is your business, Chrissie. Though it’s alright for you to “out” me as one of the guys you fancy. After all, those who know me, love me. Those who don’t know me, love me from afar. 🙂


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