Which one should i date?

bramh 6615_110021299215_819249215_2016116_357515_n jake

Who would you go with?? They’re all my exes of some sort. All sweet guys. Infact GREAT guys. One got mad at me because i took myself off his ‘rotation’ of girls, after i found a random girls hair band in his bed mid-pump. One is a good friend I always use to have a bit of ‘rumpy’…lovely boy, but forgot to tell me he had a girlfriend. And another drove a 2hr journey to just to see me for one moment…but had a nose job. Lol. They’ve all re-entered my life. My eyes. My world. You decide? I need a bit of help. (It’s like ‘Blind date’ but rubbish cos ‘Cilla’ isn’t here.) Aaaah, it’s so hard being Me. Hahahah…(One day i will find a terrain where my ego is almost manageable.)

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