When things got hectic


Right! So, lots has happened. Good things, bad things and everything in between things! I’m currently not blogging from home, which i always much prefer, as I’m inspired my new places, new folk and a new environment. I mean, i’ve written this blog from all over the world, be it a school yard cubby hole (that makes me sound like a wrong’un,) an LA swimming pool, a shack in the middle of Asian, a hotel room in Paris. Yet, the awesome thing about it, is that i can be anywhere…and you would’ve even know. *Giggle…Wink.*

Let me take you back. So, I said that on Tuesday, I was going to hang out with Nick. Nick is ‘Take Me Out’ (just to settle the inbox eruptions i get asking me if he is ‘that Nick.) I had been down the evening before, because I had felt like I had upset Ben and needed to say ‘sorry,’ so to cheer me up, we ventured to the seaside on the hottest day known to mankind and in the fastest driving on a motorway I have ever experienced. Nick is a bit of a hellraiser behind the wheel, however with a ‘trust me, i’m in control’ we ended up on some flipping RACE TRACK, doing curbs sideways, whilst he kept his fingers crossed and I did panic pregnancy breathing. Lol. (NO< i’m not pregnant before you all start.)

Good day. Sun was out. Flips flops, ice cream, wine and seaside. All his friends were there. I watched him skate. I convinced him not to buy swords and guns. I refused to take part in conversations about zombies…and yeah It was a pretty good ‘brother/sister’ type day…It was great! We were gangsta…and we wore ourselves out.  Nick’s personality is quite ‘silly.’ He’s sensitive…but he’s silly. He’s outspoken…but he can take a good ‘home truthing.’ I like that! We get along well and it’s kinda great because Nick and Ben have literally been best friends for donkies years, but without the donkies. So, on the whole, i’m glad that they’re hanging out again because when they do, they’re ace together…they reminisce about all sorts…and it sort of brings a smile to my face.

It ended up being a long day at the seaside, so we took a chilled drive home, relaxed and then I visited his roomie ‘Pat’ and watched Nick draw people.

In the afternoon, I’d apologised to Ben. Ben had apologised to me…(in regards to the evening before,) and life was pretty much dandy..It had made me really happy because obviously although i’m feisty, i hate hurting people that I love. I’m massively in love with Ben and we’ve just had this amazing Summer together that has placed him in my heart for good. Therefore, it felt great to not that the burden of a ‘fallout’ on my shoulders. Life as at peace once more.


Now, i like to ‘bury’ things that I feel are dodgy. So, i won’t tell you the ins and outs of what happened..but i will tell you the single most STRESSFUL EVENING, of anger, harsh words, home truths, he said, she said, screen shotting mayhem occured.

It was mental and so awful because we were all just fighting our corner…and all i can say is that the BEST thing about a massive blowout, is that EVERYTHING GETS AIRED and i’m a believer in the simple fact that when there is underlying tension…and there’s a swarm of Ponte gossip, swirling the airs…it is BETTER to voice it all honestly, get it all out, have a huge blast, and then let the air settle.

And that is pretty much what happened.

It continued the next day because Nick is a fireball when pissed off.

But it all got cooled and it all got calmed because of it and now, things are back to ‘dandy.,’ It couldn’t be better!

I’ve had the boys around at mine. Ben and Dodge shimmied over, Nick was around helping to look after Ruby…we had drinks, fun and well pizza. Ruby had napped so was determined to stay up for boys night. I mean there was a point where I walked into the room and Ben had her upside, as she giggled like a maniac. Nick (who had played ‘hide and seek’ with her for what seemed like hours) was calmy sat on the sofa with her, asking her if she new what a ‘pimp’ was..and Dodge had simply GROWLED AT HER…which she now does a really awesome impression of. (Even though she calls him ‘Hodge.’ )

The focus of that evening, was that everything went back to normal.

We were happy. Ben and I were lovey dovey for most of the night and it felt special. The boys left, he stayed over…and we had the most lovely heart to heart, which is kinda what i needed to hear. I looked at him and LOVED him madly…everything calmed, we went to bed…

…and i woke up in the morning no longer SINGLE! 🙂

So, i’ve had this massive 8 month draw out of ‘get to know’ Ben, and he’s been nothing short of my best friend for that entire time. We’ve liked each other, we’ve bickered…we’ve dated, we’ve broken up even in that time, which weirdly brought us loser together? Lol. It means we can handle anything.

Yet in that time and if you focus on the positive, we spent soooooooo much one on one time with each other, that we got to know and love each other pretty goddamn well. So, whenever the folk in town thought things were ‘up and downish’…we were actually solidifying our bond…quietly…and well without us even knowing. HAHAH. We’re good like that!) We’ve come a long way.

So, in this entire 8 months that i’ve been ‘hanging out’ with Ben. I haven’t even been with anyone else and we weren’t even together!

Now, i’m in love with him…and i kinda was from the start and i couldn’t be happier to have him as my own. (I guess, i wasn’t very good at being celibate. 😉 I broke it in one day and i won’t even TELL YOU WHERE.)

It’s just crazy how things naturally turn out. I mean,  i’ve been SINGLE for two whole years! So this isn’t a frivolous ‘step into’ for me, because we both had options..and just kinda went for one another.

We’ve had an awesome last couple days with one another…and it’s just pretty easy, because we can have a laugh, make fun of each other, but be loving all at the same time.

Things are great! Well done us! And to think that it started with both of us ditching each other in ‘Biggies,’

Okay…i’m off to lunch.







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