When the Girl Gods Call


If i adore anything, it is advice from other Glamour Pusses and I do mean ‘Glamour Puss’ in the sense of a powerful lady who radiators ‘ooh laa’ and not just a chick in too much lippy and a push up bra. (Even that to is delightful.) No one ever really give me advice and I only ever rant it out on occasion, if i’m feeling preaching and i’ve decided to ‘can can’ onto my high horse. (Or if i’m pissed off. 🙂 ) But this morning, before work ‘Victoria’ (who I adore…our little girls go to the same school, she’s gorgeous and knows how to get what she wants and she’d often come into my work place for a quick drink.)

ANYWAY…Right now, she’s in Tenerife with her handsome ‘hubby to be’ (who SHE ASKED TO MARRY…I KNOW..SHE’S SEXY..I’ve always wanted to do that, but i keep dating plonkers, son’t I, so i never get the urge. Lol.) She’s reading my blog, because she has great taste and ‘BOOM’ in came her wonderful advice for me and dating!

Please do note, Victoria isn’t a little confused girly, she is a grown up women of sophistication..and basically..(know that I am nervous for my Doctor Date really….I’m half ‘YES,’ and half scared) and well…nothing is better than getting a message from the Girl Gods…especially when they’re on holiday, with the man of their dreams, with a cocktail in their hand and in a bikini! (I love it, so ‘Charlie’s Angels.’)

But yes…straight away after reading my morning blog…the advice stiletto stomps in!

‘Loving your blog, can’t wait to hear about your date…Ben who? Anyway, when I met up with Guy for a date, I completely power dressed and in my mind I was there to seal the deal, almost like a business deal lol…i want that MAN. You’ll ace it.’ Lol. 

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE HER! Hahaha. Even I want to date her! That’s so sexy!

So, yes The Girl Gods have spoken and i’m feeling more and more confident. To be honest, i’ve never really ever been on a date with a guy that’s my age, successful and so lovely. Unless they were an actor in LA, but that’s another story.

What day are we even on?

Hurry up Sunday!!! I cannot WAIT for my DATE!


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