When September Ends


As if, we’re actually in OCTOBER!  It’s almost as if the year has just flown on by at the speed of light, hasn’t it? And even though i’ve enjoyed every glammy inch of ‘this time around,’ (as I had a really shit 2014,) I really can’t keep up! Lol. It only seems two seconds ago when we were all beer gardening it, in booty shorts and moaning about having to work on sunny days.

Now, it’s October…and we are well and truly into Fall.

A week and a bit has gone by since i last blogged, but my life seems ram jammed with with ‘lots’ of good times, work times and busy times inbetween. I have so much to tell you, but just haven’t found the time. However, at the same time, i’ve sort of taken a moment to just enjoy life, without being too responsible about the boring things. You need moments where you just live and smell the roses, so to speak.

The babies have been great! I love every inch of being a mum. Ruby…ofcourse is a headstrong Diva. My own fault. My own upbrigning. But she is ROCKING big school like a champion. Junior is as sweet as a button. Cheeky, fun and charming. He’s filled to the brim with dinner and loving each bit of being Baby J.

I don’t even know where to start..but I will. I’ve been working my day job. day in and day out…and I love it. It keeps me busy. It’s extra money and I honestly work with the most amazing people, who mean so much to me, that i kinda feel lucky…as you hear all these horror stories about people in work places…and well that’s just not us. We’re a family and i’ve got friends there who i know i’ll adore forever. We’re that close! It’s awesome. (And we’re not even that nice to each other at times 😉 )

But yes, i’ve been working hard and constantly. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. But i’m doing it anyway. It’s really difficult ot juggle two babies and a full time job, with a side business. However, if i want to get to the core of running my own company in the end and saluting my kitty eyes at some empire that i’ve built (and i WILL BUILD IT.) I have to work hard and i know i do. But i’m not defeated by it. …Even when things seem shit in your life. Like you feel liek you’re swirling down the plug hole. You’re not feeling loved. You’ve run out of money, or you just seem to have no luck at all. Even if the shittest things happen to you. KNOW that there’s still a great deal of life to live and you can change ANYTHING that isn’t working in your life to a positive…meaning you can have whatever you want…if you just change it and try hard. I’m the most positive human ever…and because no matter what i’m irrepressible. The bad times don’t last forever…because i can always get back up and make my life wonderful. If i can do it…you flipping can. Having that faith in life matters…that way it cuts you some slack and gives you a high five. You deserve a better shot, innit! Lol.

My love life. It’s been wonderful. We’re still madly in love, probably more than anyone can even imagine. We’re wanting to move house and we’re pretty much living with each other right now and i love it more than anything. We’re happy, we’re super loved up and i think i’ve picked really well this time. 😉 I’m in love, the babies heart Ben and we’re all doing really well. We’re sort of a little family. I’ll marry him.

I’m actually going to tell you the ins and outs of everything in the next blog…i’ve got loads to blog about. How i feel about Ben, our most recent date night….a Vegas night we did at his sisters…and just our evenings out.

I’ve got to wiggle off…but they’ll be another blog tonight.

Stay tuned.





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