When Men don’t get it…


Okay, so i’ve had a mad day of rushing around, panicking and organizing for my book launch in Doncaster today. I’ve got a lot on my plate, i’m filled to the brim with stress and worry and so i was really excited for the evening to come, due to desperately needing a bit of fun, a sense of ‘release’…a good time to enjoy life, love and happiness and let go of my mind, my stress and with someone that i love. This evening is the ONLY evening this entire week, where i am completely free of mummy duties…so i was kinda looking forward to having fun and just destressing because i need to before i go mentally insane.

…so what d’ya think Keiran does, on the only evening i am free to enjoy a good old bit of much needed fun with him.

He goes on boys night.

Not once did it cross his mind that i might WANT or NEED to have fun, on the only day i have to do it on, when i’m internally in need of it. I don’t get it?

I’m soooo stressed and instead princess weeping into a budget wine…just because i need to let my mind BREATHE. I need a release and there’s nothing worse than looking forward to one and it not being available. #pointslost #bigpointslost

I don’t even have anything to say…I guess when you’re a girl, you just think that men will forward think and make good decisions, without you having to prompt them. It’s not the case at all, is it?

Yesterday he said he was the ‘happiest’ he had ever been with me and was consumed with utter love for me. (‘I’m sooo in love with you, Chrissie.’) It makes me feel like when men get what they want or need, they then forget to consider what their partner may want or need, because they have what they want (..which in Keiran’s case is love) and that’s all that matters to them. And to make it worse my feelings don’t count…OVER FOOTBALL. I don’t think it’s fair. I feel taken for granted…#brakeson


















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