When life is just that good…

Well I don’t even know what to ramble on about. I have been showered with so many wonderful things that I can’t even begin to *wiggle-wink* it, with a ‘start’ and end it in a ‘full stop.’

Life is amazing. I have a new show appearing on your telly box next week. I’ve JUST had the most beautiful baby boy ‘Junior.’ I adore my gorgeous little glamour puss Ruby and my wonderful ‘newly haircutted’ hubby is being a Godsend. We’re in love and we’re living a fairytale that we didn’t even know was going to be blessed upon us. Oh! AND the weather is pretty damn good today, making me feel much perkier. Especially since I had a massive hormonal moment last night, whilst putting Baby Ruby to bed. I’m in the OUCHY stage of recovery where your boob fill up with milk and HURT LIKE HELL. They’re swollen, giant, hard boobs of ‘hubba,’ and they absolutely KILL. I’m having to wander around in a bra, or with them out, simply to ease the pain. It’s normal for this to occur at this stage and I have tried to breast feed my little bundle. However, I can’t really be bothered because he loves his formula, he gobbles it from his baby bottle like there’s no tomorrow. He’s happy, which makes me happy.

Anyway, my chest hurt sooo much last night that I couldn’t move my upper body. It was honestly like I had had surgery. I couldn’t reach. I couldn’t stretch and I couldn’t even hunch my bra straps on. Laid on the bed and couldn’t get up! It literally took me exactly 1 hour ten minutes to be able to manover off the bed AND I had landed myself in the most painful of positions, that I did what any Glamour Puss would do when they’ve just been through an ordeal of labour and was still boobie ouchy, with poor working lover tummy muscles…I cried and I cried hysterically because I had been shouting for Keiran for an entire hour. He hadn’t heard me because he was down stairs. In that moment i felt like I had no help, I was in absolute pain. I couldn’t move and i was just screaming out. It made me panic because it reminded me of labour…yet with no-one to help. I got really angry. It wasn’t pretty.

Luckily, this morning after a dodgy start. (Ruby has gone from adoring being a big sister to now being mildy naughty for attention. It’s a struggle for me because I ADORE ADORE ADORE my little girl more than this world and I really want her to feel like my number 1 first born. So the fact that it may be making her feel a little ‘off’…and needing more attention hurts. That made me mad and then cry for a little bit. However, now we’re all dandy. She goes through phases of loving ‘big sisterhood’ to hating it because she wants Daddy’s attention, one on one attention that doesn’t involve Baby Junior in ANY way.

So, i’m gonna treat her to material gifts at the weekend (it’s ‘The Wunna’ way) and spend that quality one on one time with her. She’s getting a bouncy castle and all the love in the world. I mean Baby Junior doesn’t know what’s going on emotionally…he’s 4 days old. Ruby does…so it’s important for me to make sure my little cherry pie feels like the Princess she is! I think she’s frustrated because he’s so little. She wants him to be able to play with her already. Parenting is not easy. But I love being a mum. Hopefully, i’ll figure it all out.

Saying that, everyone keeps giggling at the fact that i’ve turned from this flirty, boy mad, party girl,dipped in ‘glamour puss,’ to a baby making machine. It’s hilarious. One minute i’m on your telly box burlesque dancing to Katy Perry track to win the affection of Ms.Hilton…drunk. Now, i’m the mother of two with a heart of glitzy gold…within a couple years…AND MARRIED. Like I told my Doncaster friend ‘Tom’ today via Twitter, someone must’ve put something more than pimp juice and glitter in my wine…. (I did actually also text that to another friend of mine, who replied with a ‘Please honey…someone put their willy in your ‘kahuta’..AFTER wine…that’s more the story…far less magical.’ Pahahaha!) In my mind is normal for a 32 year old to be settling down and having babies. I’m all grown up now…as @wazza says…’a proper grown up,’ and it feels great to have finally got my shit together…with a husband and Mini Mees galore.

I’m still a glamour puss though, so don’t get it twisted. 🙂 I wave the flag for the yummy mummy. So, just because i’m spouting out bambinos and wedding rings left right and centre…it doesn’t mean i don’t rock a ‘Diva’ strut in diamonds. Nothing actually makes me happy than being a ‘Mama.’ It’s what gives me my ‘glow.’ Guys dig the ‘glow’ because it makes you a W.O.M.A.N. 🙂 It’s what life is really about…’the glow’ i mean and not just being a W.O.M.A.N,  as I am well aware that there are men that ‘happy beam’ their way through life also. But once you have your family, love and foundation, you can make all your dreams come true and I intend to do so…fast. #gimmegimme

Like I said, i don’t really have much else to report right now, probably because i’m ultimately content and haven’t ‘slapped back to reality’ yet. It’s a good place to be in. (Ugh! My Dad has just woken up the baby because he feels the need to play his Burmese pop music out loud and loud enough for the baby not to sleep…and for no real reason, other than being able to fight the melodic feeling of Asia?? UGH. Men!)

Must go. I have a new arrival to attend to…

Big Kisses,

Thank you for following my life.

C x


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