When life is just ace…


Aww! Friday night was AWESOME! I obviously had the day off work and did a lot of that essential rushing around, that all chicks, mums, dudes with ‘things to do’ have to get on with. But i did it all merrily, fast, exhausted, but got there..and there is certainly nothing more satisfying than that.

The funny thing was that i had rambled on all week about how excited i was for Friday dinner at 4.30pm, to the point where i moaned that Ben (who’s my bestie) was going to be far too busy to do it any earlier, meaning for me 4.30pm seemed somewhat late.

We were all (and when I say ‘all,’ I’m meaning, Dodge, Ben and I…with the fresh new addition of Chloe, who i love, so all was well) headed to The Carleton, my new favourite joint for tea, dinner…whatever you want to call it…and well yes, they were ready at five o clock…I rocked up at 7pm. πŸ™‚ I NEVER EVER DO THAT, like i would never be that late, but what can i do…i’m doing ‘single mum,’ work, different daddy arrangements and all sorts. But i got there. Ben was starving and i could tell because he even missed called me, to tell me to hurry up. Chloe was fine…but just wanted to get on with the night and Dodge…well Dodge just wanted to stay at Ben’s and play Batman computer games all night. πŸ™‚ He was even negotiating how he was going to get the ‘baddies’ in his head, with a strongbow infront of him. And although it was awesome, the boys still did talk food and video game,s however luckily because Chloe was there, we got to talk ‘boobs and MAC’ for a moment..making it a little more girl friendly. I’m not moaning though, as i adore the boys. I’m comforted around boys. I seem to not enjoy a ‘girls night’ as much really and it’s not really a gender thing and more a ‘who i love, trust and get on with better’ thang.

I got there. I was a hit. I must’ve looked good πŸ™‚ because simply walking through to the table felt like ‘walking the gauntlet’…I swear down that all the boys were acting like they had never seen boobies in a pink dress before. I’m flattered and i do like the ‘look at me.’ Yet, it does get tiring…:) which i’m just going to count at ‘first world problems.’ Poor little me. Β πŸ™‚

Anyway, once i got there, all was fun and company was good…and i had insisted that the evening was going to be my treat. I opened a tab and just like that we had ordered dinner, ordered a round of normal drinks, double rum and cokes each, two pitchers of Pimms, four Pina Coladas and then all sorts of other shit, like white wine, brandy chasers, a bottle of red….pints…all sorts. It was really good fun, as food, drinks and friends always are.

Plus, I was hit with the boys. Every time i sauntered to the bar it was a hoo haa…I mean the manager even named my tab ‘Fit girl in’ (that is really true.) πŸ™‚ HAHAH. You know that i’m loving this…

I heart The Carleton.

Anyway, we ate, we drank, we bantered, we dropped lipstick, we discussed life, saw old dates, adjusted the outdoor heater almost 43 times every 10 minutes and basically just did life.

Weirdly NO ONE would go up the bar, order drinks and just say ‘it’s on this tab’….The Wunna tab! I dont’ get why not as i’ve done it lots before, both ways, as in been the tab holder and ordered on a tab. I mean shit in LA we’d just order shit for fun on our friends cards to kicks. It was even a fucking game! LOL. However, all of these lot were polite and very British. I had to order everytime and to be honest to say we al ate and drank loads…it didn’t come to that much.

I’m feeling good, i’m doing well…i’m in a really great place and i love to treat people.

We powder boosted. Listened to Dodge. Chitter chattered with Ben, who see…everyone just assumes i’m with. One guy said he just assumed we were together at the bar, (maybe because we accidentally colour co ordinated our outfits πŸ™‚ and well…some other guy thought that i was hsi wife..who he bought…on some Asian black market. πŸ™‚

Great night! Can’t remember what we talked about. Time at The Carleton was better than in town. I felt popular. I was in great company. Life couldn’t have been better for me…

Did town for a bit…for some reason, because i had treated them, they all felt like they NEEDED to pay for my things…and they didn’t. Lol.

We did town for a bit and then we got bored, pissed and couldn’t be bothered. Went to Pizza Crust..ordered shit loads and then got into taxi’s home.

I went home to an immaculate and clean home. I can’t stand going home to mess and did clean sheet night. I called Ben once home and he did that thing where we talk, talk..and then he falls asleep. I’ll shout down the phone ‘ARE YOU ASLEEP’ and everytime he’ll deny it, until i hear snoring and then i hang up and go nighty.

Good times. Good company. Made life worth it.

I hate working on Sunday’s but here i am…

Hope you enjoy your day…

i have so much more to tell you…




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