When life gives you lemons…


So!! I got that ‘good news’ phone call, after waiting nervously for it all morning. EEK! You know when you’re accidentally hardcore ‘clock watching,’ with your fingers crossed, yet making excuses up in your head. That was me. Then just as I predicted. *Beep-Beep-Bring* My phone hollered at me…and the other end of it, delivered the news of GREATNESS! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

I actually jumped up and did a ‘happy’ dance. The kinda dance that is performed without your body knowing is was about to happen. 🙂 The kinda dance that you do when no-one’s watching. Yet the difference was, the fact that I had people watching…and I STILL committed to the ‘happy’ dance in full, which ended in the art of ‘The Robot; which weirdly humoured my daughter more than anything in the world. 🙂 She looked at me in that moment, whilst wiggling along with m, simply because i looked explosively chipper and with the largest belly laugh known to mankind, glared at me with ultimate adoration. (I can’t believe I can actually do the robot when i’m sober! True talent.) Little Rubes, she said, ‘I LOVE you Mummy….in all the world.’ Lmao. Almost there. 🙂 But who cares…LIFE IS GREAT! (Then her doll, who she’s deliciously named ‘Baby Alexia’ got ‘jel’ and decided Wunna land wasn’t for her, as she tried to edge across the window ledge and jump her way to freedom.

But anyway…The Chrissie Wunna eyelash line is in production, doing well…and coming to you soon! 🙂 I’m MOVING shorlty…and even though I still have my fingers crossed, I think I have found the perfect home that my family will love…especially during the Summer! (Cheer here! YAY! I hate it when you have to settle for something that’s ‘just alright.’ The art of  ‘it’ll do’  pisses me off. I usually have to compromise with others. This time, I didn’t. I’m getting what I want and because I CAN! 🙂 ) Team work has played a massive role in my last two weeks and it’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I work well under pressure. I’m so grateful for having such great supported and well I’m kinda sorta impressed with myself. 🙂 I managed to score myself a  day job. I wanted to make extra money for the family, set a great example for my children, not be such a ‘loser’ to my parents ( as soon as i got it, my mum looked at me with that Asian Pride, in her eyes…she hates it when i’m not inconstant  work and well for once I get to work in a happy’normal job’ environment… and just like that, with hope in my heart..scored….done….couldn’t be happy…start at the end of next week, with the greatest team. It feels good to make your parents proud of you. Mine ALWAYS tell me how proud they are of me, yet it’s the look that they give you, when you can truly see how much you’ve impressed them.

The babies are happy, fit and well. (Junior has got the best dance moves EVER. He thoroughly enjoys every inch of music and loves to commit to a good time. He loves ‘One Direction’ and Ruby loves’ Pharell.’ Lol. Ruby is my ‘hip hop’ baby. You plonk on a bit of ‘Snoop dogg’ and she’ll try to ‘dutty wind’ to it. But then she remembers her age and lets nursery rhymes and S Club7, litter her musical resume. Junior has his ‘wiggly bum’ dance DOWN. He learnt it from the toy dog.)

There is currently NO DRAMA IN MY LIFE. NO drama what so ever!! None! Can you believe! I feel like the happiest little girl in the world and well it’s weird because everything is once again just going RIGHT and because i’ve focused upon the right things and not let the drama of others get to me, or affect my bubble. I’ve kept life simple and now look…I’m en route to having everything. Everyone has an alternate version of their ‘everything’…yet right now, all my plates are spinning with ease, all areas of my life are great, stress free and drama free and well…i’m happy. I’m the luckiest kitten ever! Do not underestimate what a little determination, faith and hard work can get you! That has been my last 2 weeks. I’m a grafted, underneath a kitten image of ‘hair-tossing and pouting.’ I’m super determined…yet there’s not one inch of malicious in me..no matter anyone says…they like to think there is, because it makes THEM feel better…I’m a good scape goat when it comes to those moments…But i’m not bothered…it’s called strength and confidence. I’m smiling…I have my life DOWN right now. (And I say ‘right now because life always throws you a ‘dip.’) But I’m whole enough now to make everything work and now it IS! The kids are loving it! Plusl I think the weather is just making me happier. I feel a garden party coming on!

Soon, i’ll be introducing you to the rest of my family soon…my cousins, my nieces…my all sorts. It’s ace because I was scrolling through piccies, this morning and I found one of my 19 year old baby cousin, Natalia. She’ll always be 3 to me, as I bottle fed her and she would do my nail and I would do her nails. But anyway, now she’s in Uni, studying neuroscience…:) and well she’s doing it dressed as a sexy cat! Hahaha. I adore the women in my family. Jessica my other cousin, gave birth to the very gorgeous Baby Holly…who i adore…and hopefully in the end Jess, will end up being an accountant…Doing sums is her thing. Plus Richard her partner, is a great addition to what I call ‘Wunna land.’ Everyone just enters MY bubble. 🙂

I NEED A MASSAGE. GOD! I need a massage. Y’know, I’ve always had them throughout my life form being a teen, yet this is the longest i’ve ever been without one. I didn’t even get to have one when I was pregnant! I am DYING for one and i need the treat immediately. I don’t think i have ever dated a boy who has enjoyed or bothered to give me massages. Do men just hate doing them…because my back hurts! 🙂 I’ve had LA friends give me them…well ONE and i appreciated it so much, that I still remember it to this day…(the rest of the day was spent throwing pasta at walls to see if it was cooked, followed by whisky with magicians.)

I WANT A MASSAGE, so I’ve decided that every night form today I’m going to give both babies a bedtime massage, in dying hope that the GOOD LORD throws me a bit of good karma and I get massages right back at me…threefold. (Aww, Tom Daley is on my telly box….he’s cute, like in a ‘Polly Pocket-but you fancy him,’ kinda way, isn’t he? Yeah..i know he’s gay, before you all start. I can still fancy him. I mean, I fancied Ricky Martin for long enough. Didn’t harm anyone.)

Okay, I actually have LOTS TO DO today. So I need to get ready, head out and gallop through life with a ‘Whopp-dee!’

I appreciate you all greatly. I love you.


Thanks for following my life,

Chrissie x






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