When it comes to dating…Boy vs Man




BOY                                                  MAN



Ladies! When it comes to dating you really mustn’t CHASE boys. You mustn’t! And not only because it demeans your worth as a Lady, it makes you look like a desperado and well it’s really not too becoming to give a boy something too easily without working for it. I’ve been a desperado before and a chaser, so i’m not just rambling on, I’m speaking from experience. There are a great deal of thing sin life that we as women can chase…chase dreams, work, money, opportunity, midgets, wallets…:) anything. But not love and not boys and simply not boys because like i’ve always said, it is their natural instinct to hunt, gather and provide. They have to DO the chasing and if they have an interest in you, they will. Believe me…they will. if they don’t they won’t or they’ll mess you around. And if they aren’t a natural hunter and gatherer, then they are not yet a man and still wearing the title of ‘boy.’ be very weary of any boy that states that he is ‘Peter Pan.’ First of all, as girls…we all find that creepy. 😛 We do boys. We really do. Second of all…women…not chicks..like grown up men, because they are the mature version of silly little boys.

I was listening to Hirsty on Captial Radio on route to work, whilst stuck in traffic and well he says that on a level of sex, mature men are better than immature boys. With boys…it’s more enthusiasm with their willies, than actual SKILL. (And that’s true. That’s why we girls know how to fake orgasms.) You will be able to tell a ‘boy’ from a ‘Man’ simply because a boy will boast about the amount of women he has bonked with pride, weirdly believing that it makes him more desirable. It doesn’t. It just means he either has issues, or is a slag. Dirty willies R’ NOT ‘US. You’ll notice it immediately because he’ll attempt to be charming but then say that he isn’t looking for a relationship and never wants to settle down. #snooze. Those boys are not usually good at sex. In the words of Hirsty…it’s enthusiasm or ego boosting…more than actual skill. I agree.

Second of all…a boy…will make you CHASE HIM and foolishly think you have to make HIM adore YOU. #wrong that’s actually classed as being feminine. So maybe they’re a closet gay, or insecure. A grown up man will offer you stability, romance, love and never deny that they love you, care for you and will look after you forever. They’ll do all the leg work and simply because that’s what a real man does…without complaint.

Thirdly (and again as Hirsty on Capital states,) a boy might look hotter, have a good body and seem more attractive than the man. Yet the man doesn’t define himself on how big his muscles are. He defines himself on success, love and how he can proved for his family. Yeah, he might have an extra bit of pudge around his waist. However, that’s because his culinary pallet reaches a bit further than a pot noodle. He can afford a slap up meal and in fact afford one for YOU toooo! 🙂  A few extra inches around his waist doesn’t matter. Like the saying goes, ‘A six pack, ain’t gonna pay the bills…and certainly isn’t going to love you more than a grown up.’

And my final bit of Boy vs Man dating bonanza-

A boy will break a girl into pieces. A man will pick up those pieces of put them back together with love. Make sure you pick the nice guy, over the bad boy. The saying that ‘good guys finish last’ is soooo 2001. Good guys finish last? Not with good girls they don’t. And you can always tell a good guy over a bad boy, if even the bad boy is simply only pretending to be bad. He’ll cry because he loves you. He’ll focus on what’s positive about you and always see the good in you, no matter what the circumstance is. He’ll ‘woo you,’ never give up on you, share his world, do love, do life and only with YOU. In the words of Beyonce…*perform booty pops here* he’ll certainly…’Put a ring on it.’  A boy will only see what’s negative about you and use that in order to make you feel of less worth, which makes him feel more powerful.

Now, we all, as girls and gays know all of the above to be true…and we all as girls and gays…forget this because we’re idiots at times. However, don’t fret,this is why I am here to remind you and give your heart a little refresher, as  I forget all of the above at times, over and over again. Well..i never fully forget my worth. But I do on occasion forget to be a lady. 🙂 It’s all about having faith in yourself and faith in love.


On a good note for me, I totally read that 80% of married men said that they would marry the same woman, if they had to do it all over again.

On a bad note for me, whilst I was stood on the train to Manchester yesterday, I saw this old man asleep on his seat on the train and snuggled into him, under his arm, like he was protecting her and upon his warm side was his wife, also asleep on the train. They looked so beautiful and so happy. Just at peace. I smiled because it was lovely, but then *sad faced* because i felt as though i’d never have that. 🙁

Luckily then a grump old woman, who certainly never experienced love stormed over to shout at the boy standing opposite me, who had apparently hit her with his umbrella… by accident. She was a complete cow to him to say he was so poshy-nice-nice and super apologetic. Apparently he should never do it again, or live simply because she could now be blind or something? Lol. What was her problem??

There’s so much love swirling around the world right now and yeah I want a piece of romance, a piece of hope, a piece of something. 🙁 Even Mark Wright’s engaged to Michelle Keegan….right now! Peter Andre’s having a baby with new love Emily. People are falling in love every second. I want to feel adored. 🙁 I just can’t think anymore and my head is filled with fuzz.

The good thing about these occasions is that today we can all take it out on the ridiculous Katie Hopkins, who was apparently on ‘This Morning’ again making a twit of herself, for the second time. What a misguided snob. I’m sure she’s just trying to be funny and make good telly. However, I believe there are distinct ways to work PR and although she certainly may be receiving attention, it’s definitely not of the right kind. 🙂


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