When I did Wednesday…

Just such a glorious time. I don’t know where to start? It’s simply been wonderful. So wonderful, that it almost seems as though nothing can get me down. Things are finally headed in the right direction and that alone makes me heart beam, with happiness.

I know I say it a lot…But I just feel so lucky.

Okay, so I don’t know where I left off? Lots has been a happening. I’ve been loving, liking and working…and although i’m currently blogging this from ‘Ego’ in Ackworth, I’ve actually just got back from lunch with The Wunna’s at Farmer Copleys and it was delightful.

So, Wednesday morning, I met up with ‘Meli’ who is one of the new school mums, she wanted to be aquainted with a wee bit of Wunna Land, since Ruby and her son are in the same year at school….(I’m not usually good one to one, first impressions…AT ALL. I’m a lot for a stranger to take in at first. I’m someone that a being needs to warm up to… for SURE.)

Even my now CLOSE friends, have said, that when they first met me, they were all stumped with the ‘who the *&*&£”&’ is that!!!???!!!! They didn’t like me, or didn’t THINK they would, at all. Haha. (Must be my charm.) Then once they got to know me…they all one by one decided that I was ‘rightly so’ AMAZING. (Hahaha.)

So, arrived at Farmer Copley’s in Pontefract, at around 8.30am, straight after the school run to meet ‘Meli,’ who i’ve seen in passing, a couple times, yet never ever spoke to properly in person. We were basically strangers to one another. Lol. She invited me to ‘coffee date’ with her…I figured why not? I mean, it’s hard to be a newbie in any group…So I signed myself up and with a…

Meli: ‘Oh I have a yellow bag too..’

…I blinked and we were sat at ‘Table 3’ at Copley’s, ordering the Breakfast Fritata, and tea.

I’m a Glamour Puss, so i’m all heels, tits, and sassy banter. Meli is a self proclaimed ‘hippy.’ She says she likes trainers, flip flops, sitting crossed legged at tables, teaches pilates and has the extreme discipline to not DRINK, have caffeine, or sugar.

Me: ‘Wow! Haha. How the hell have you managed to do that! All I DO is caffeine and booze. Lol’

I did notice that she had her face done though? So there’s certainly an element of glamour about her…She was cute. (She has short, cropped, textured blond hair. ) She enjoys comfort and eating out. She’s sassy, direct, speaks her mind…and she has a definite story to tell.

Although she’s open, there’s an inner dialogue that seems to be running through her mind. I reckon she’s ambitious also. (And I like that!)

But anyway…We ended up chatting for FOUR whole hours. We chatted over tea. We chatted over decaf coffee. (I ordered her second one. I requested no chocolate sprinkles, it came with them on by accident. Haha.)

Me: ‘Youv’e got to make sure it’s DECAF and has NO chocolate sprinkles. My friend doesn’t have sugar…so I can’t fuck it up. Haha.’

Girl: ‘Haha. Got it.’

It came with flipping chocolate sprinkles on. Haha. I looked like I didn’t listen. Lol. FFS. (Listening is polite!!! I’d already said the word ‘vagina’ and ‘f&&&’….so I at least needed to listen.)

Anyway, luckily she didn’t mind a bit of a swear. She just let me be me. She was certainly just her… AND THEN SHE HAD THE CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES!!

Meli: ‘It’s fine. I’ll can have them. It’s just a little.’

Me: ‘Great, now you’re gonna go insane, because i’ve given you sugar, when you specifically didn’t want any! Why do I always do shit like that!?!’

Meli: ‘Haha. You’d KNOW if I had had caffeine or sugar. Lol. THIS little bit, is fine.’

We basically talked about everything…and isn’t it just strange to have spent that much time with someone you never at al knew, before 8.30am, that morning? Crazy innit!

We learnt a lot about each other in that time and i decided to sign up for Pilates, on a Tuesday morning. Lol. (Ofcourse.)

2pm came and we needed to dash. Meli had pilates to teach and I had a school run, then a shoot off to Leeds, for acting class. (YES! I’ve started acting class. I’m back in school.)

i have no clue what Meli actually thought of me, but I guess she thought I was ace. Haha. Time flew.

Before you know it, I was dashing for the train to get to Yafta, for class.

I’m gonna do an entire blog on my ‘Yafta’ thing. But U cannot even TELL YOU, how happy and how wonderful being in that Wednesday night class made me feel.

If you don’t know what Yafta is, it’s the Yorkshire School of Film & Television Acting.’ They’re also an agency and lots of their students end up on our favourite British soaps.

I go there now..and for the first time in a long long time, I actually felt (career wise) that I was back, whole, happy and ready.

The clothes are going back on. (Stop moaning, boys!) The direction i’m in, fills my soul with that feeling of ‘this is just right/this is what I always wanted. This is ME.’

(Go with it please…Haha.)

I’d never felt so comfortable. It completely felt so right (the the jigsaw piece had finally got slotted into place.) Everyone made me feel so welcome. My class mates are brilliant. I loved every single second of learning and performing. My teacher was amazing…and believe it or not…I smashed it. Hahaha. (Ever so humble.)

The vibe was much better, because i’m used to be around people who care very much about an image, an insta like and all the things that don’t actually matter, in life. Don’t get me wrong, i know how to play that game and know i need to for what my current job entails.

In my class were real people, who’s passion was performance. People who loved to act and wanted to learn their craft, to hone their talent, to hopefully make all their dreams come true…It didn’t matter to them how long it took. They loved what they were doing…and knew that they’d be ready for when the opportunity came along.

It took be back to where I first started. Before I got lost along the way. I couldn’t be happier in my life right now and ‘DBear’ couldn’t be more supportive. He’s always there to cheerlead. He always shimmies the ‘have my back’ manner.

There’s been all sorts going on…Auditions, (thanks to those who made fun of me nervous pacing in annitv corridor..Haha. I’m tragic, I know!) There’s new changes…new directions. New! New! Exciting! New!!!

Work is phenomenal. Ruby & Junior are literally having the time of their entire lives. It makes me so happy to see them excited about life, living and waking up every morning!! They’re doing SO well at everything right now and it’s because they’re filled with utter happiness!

Everyday’s an adventure to them.

Family, love, life and doing the things your passionate about is what matters to me. ( You’ve always got to have a true passion though. It keeps ya sane, doesn’t it!! That’s the key to your personal success. Hahah. Sanity!)

Everything’s just wonderful…and the sunshine is making me even better, per wink! I really Hope life is treating you well. Hope you’re just enjoying every single second of all you have around you! It may seem shit at times. But I promise you, with a lil’bit of life magic and hope…things go better than expected!

Dan at ‘Ego’ has just come up to me and told me that he got so beautifully drunk in Leeds that he cried. He cried to the taxi driver, ALL the way home and because he had taken a golf ball from ‘Junkyard Golf’ and a bouncer had a go at him because golf balls are classed as weapons!! Made him CRY!! Hahaha!!!

Then, as I was watching two girls do the ‘Macarena’ at a station pub, in Leeds, as I waited for my 22.03 train on Platform 12A…after class…

Girls, pointing at me: ‘She’s nice her. I like her…’

(They didn’t think I heard them, but I did..)

…Ms. Murphy messaged me to tell me that she SAVED a Guinea pig’s actual life…and now because of heroism has a gammy eye.

…Ms. Murphy: ‘I’m allergic to guinea pigs!!! I saved it’s fucking LIFE!!!’

Me: ‘You probably look like the hottest chick, with a dozey guinea pig eye, EVER!’

Life is just marvellous right now. I hope yours is too! If it’s not…don’t worry…You got this. New chapters are certainly headed your way! If your life is wonderful too right now…. CELEBRATE IT!!

Love you,

Chrissie x

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