So, as you know, i made the absolute MOST of my last weekend in February. In fact, I had the most amazing Feb, due to hard work, great play, my eyelash brand making it’s first impact, The Screen Nation awards, good friends, great nights, parties, boys, girls and new work developments. And in life, I feel as though there are the people who just do and people who just don’t. Either is fine, however, notice how the people that ‘do’ never really complain that they DID (even if they’ve had to scrub a bit of last nights sinning from their being, comb puke out of their hair, weep into a wine over an ex or take part in the walk of shame, happy, heartbroken or with swagger) and the people who ‘don’t’ tend to moan, criticize the people who ‘did’ or feel like they missed out on life, excitement and that little bit of fun, that they really could’ve had. I’m a sucker for life. A sucker for fun. A sucker for cocktails and boys. You have one life and well as long as you’re sticking quite close to your morals (if you have any…mine are loose) and you’re really not hurting anyone tooo badly and taking care of your responsibilities with every inch of your soul…then you’re dandy! Woohoo! I’ a sucker for all that kind of shit… Meaning, it would only make sense for me to clock off work at five o clock and from that point check into a hotel, party in my local town with friends, flirt with boys, pass out naked in my hotel bed, wake up, shimmie into Saturday, check out of my hotel, drive to Doncaster, jump on a train…

and arrive in London my 4pm to check into another hotel,

..to get ready, be given a tour by the concierge and to do cocktails..


At the G.N.H during a rather luxurious ‘HAPPY HOUR’ that i knew nothing about, so it was the best surprise ever, along with the utter most BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, with my doll of a friend Emily (who is moving to Bermuda and was the former personal assistant to a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal family much…and designed a sex toy range with me,for Ann Summers on the telly 🙂 ) and well THEN head into Clapham via taxi at around 7pm, to watch THE UK HOTTEST MALE VARIETY SHOW, ‘FORBIDDEN NIGHTS’ perform!!! I was actually invited to review the boys 😉 and simply because of this blog and the fact that something of this nature truly is my specialty.  As soon as I got the green light…i shot down there. I swear I would’ve run…and i never run in heels.


Now let me tell you, this was absolutely THE SINGLE MOST BEST male ‘variety’ group that I have EVER SEEN..and I honestly would never ever lie to you. It was soooo good that if i could go and watch these boys gyrate, wink and button their shirts to crowds every single Saturday…I WOULD.

I mean, there are male stripping acts that are sleazy, untalented, not in the best shape or just there are a bit of a laugh and hen do’s. BUT THESE BOYS are different. Yes! Its a naughty male show, where the boys strip down to their ‘oooh laa’ (no willies) and YES, it is actually done with a twist of talent, creativity and class. (It’s not like some kind of private hen do willy jig) BUT MOST OF ALL, it is THE SEXIEST MALE VARIETY SHOW EVER. They are suggestive, they are steamy, they sensual and have their ‘Magic Mike’ shit down and well it seems that they just KNOW what turns all girls on and gets us going in all the right places. Hahaha! IT WAS PHENOMINAL and there is absolutely no way that any lady could walk out of that show not feeling uplifted, horny or in love which their favourite ‘Forbidden boy.’ It’s not only the sexiest show in town and i know sexy…i wouldn’t just say ‘sexy’ to you, like ‘wahey, boys with muscles, gyrating.’ I MEAN ‘SEXY.’ It is a total and utter fun night of absolute TURN ON! These boys are stars and any girl that is attached to them, be it for right now, forever or for the night, is ONE LUCKY GIRL! I’d bonk them all…any one of them…it really wouldn’t matter and i’m frigid 😉 so that’s saying something. 🙂 (Oh shut up, i’m more frigid than you think!) It doesn’t what kind of girl you are, you will love this show and mainly because more than anything IT IS FUN. If you’re feeling down, or just needing something to make up scream up a storm with excitement, laughter and just a great girls night, then this is the show for YOU! I’m not joking, Emily and I had the best night ever. (You must do it tipsy!)

I mean, Emily and I were lucky as we were the VIP’s for the night, so I we had our own booze filled box…In fact we almost nearly bought champagne and did buy two extra bottles of wine and also considered buying more vodka to put in our drinks because we were sure it was Vimto. In case you didn’t know, Emily and I were ‘on the telly’ together. She’s my ginger princess, she may like bondage, horse riding and gentlemen, but we’re both from the same town in Yorkshire and someone who i consider to be a truly great and close friend. It was her last weekend in London, before jetting off to Bermuda…FOREVER. I got her pissed on cocktails and took her to see male, naked dancing boys because that’s just my style. I’m really gonna miss her mucho. I mean at The GNH over cocktails, we talked love, boys, life, her boyfriend Mark, my ex Keiran, money, how independant we were and just life. I’m going to miss her. But hey ho, a girls godda do what a girls godda do! I mean, i’ve got my pretty selfe nto enough predicaments in life. She is starting her ‘living with a boy in another country’ one…now. (I’ve done that one lots.)

Anyway, being a VIP at this event pretty much meant, no waiting in line, free drinking, actually getting to hang out with the boys away from the lights and glamour for selfies, convo’s and shirt off camera poses. We had Gina, our very own assistant in our box to aid us through our ‘Forbidden Night’s experience. (I love Gina, she’s a battle axe and guards those boys like they are GOLD covered in diamonds.) She is also their manager and loves every inch of them. Like any Mama would.

The show began all dark and sexy and all very ‘Magic Mike.’ The theatre and we were at The Clapham Grand, was PACKED. We were in our VIP box looking on at the crowds, who were all dressed normal, glammy or in Hen do outfits and well…right from the get go, you could FEEL the room fill with excitement. I was excited. MORE THAN EXCITED! I told you, i’d do it ever weekend. Plus, I got to meet ‘Ozzy’ before the show in my box (that sounds rude) for shirtless selfies…AS EMILY WENT TO THE LOO…such bad timing for her! HAHAHA.

Now, I come from an entertainment background…i used to dance, I entertain and well we all know that i did a bit of ‘sexy’ and enjoyed a bit of a strip down. 🙂 So I am the connoisseur of such a show.

Let me show you….


It’s a really modern how, filled with class, fun and sensuality. I’d even do a cross promo with them simply because they were THAT GOOD. It’s not mucky. It’s not filth. It’s much more of an entertainment show that gets all us girls going. They were soldiers, in suits, cowboys and all sorts! I mean, the ‘Save a horse, ride a cowboy routine’ tipped me over the edge of excitement. From that point…I was taken! Then when they decided to do full bar bum strips to ‘Heard it to the grapevine’ sang by Lewis, by washing machines….the crowd went WILD!

Like even the hosts and the hosts are above, performed a somewhat tongue in cheek, geeky, funny, funny host role…and later on BOTH BOYS ripped their shirts off to treat us to bodies of Gods, and gyrating! Well Sam did the gyrating…and he was AMAZING and the reason why was simply because it was a surprise. Just know that they are all trained performers. They know what they’re doing!

I was glued to the Forbidden boys throughout the show and there wasn’t one moment where in which i felt bored or tired. I was hooked, excited completely screaming through every routine…(of course with our Ems’) and loving every second of life. I was going MENTAL and that’s what it’s all about. It’s a greta night for the ladies and a safe night for nay gents who hear that their ladies are going to this show.

I met some of the boys afterward and to make it even better, they are the sweetest boys, who are just so driven and professional. They want to do well and they are actually professional performers. YET< they are decent humans, who have dreams, day jobs and want to be such a success that one day, all the do is BE ‘FORBIDDEN NIGHTS’  and in my mind that day will come! They work really hard, but most importantly…they LOVE WHAT THEY DO and who wouldn’t. They had an entire chick filled crowd screaming at them continuously for two hours straight! The boys are quite down to earth, yet know what they’re doing…which I like. I mean they were so amazing, that i’d do anything to make them a HIT.

But yeah, my favourite parts of theshow was the cowboy routine, the ‘Heard it through the grapevine ‘routine and the the classy suit routine that they did to ‘Fever! ‘ TO DIE FOR! So talented, so god damn sensual. Soooooooooooooooooo sexy! DELICIOUS! Emily and I LOVED suits and barefeet! For some reason, the reason ebing booze we got rowdy. (You can take the girl out of Yorkhire, but not the Yorkshire…out of the girl.)


It was just a fantastic night…and like i said, i want to go again. I mean fuck it, i want to work alongside them. I want them up north NOW…where the girls would go crazy for them!

So, the great thing about the Clapham Grand is that is totally turns into a club afterward, so Emily and I stayed out and some of the boys sauntered down to say ‘hello’ as we got pissed. They did ‘the rounds’ with ‘Meet and Greets.’

We luckily got first dibs on a close up pic…

All i could see, other than muscle and naked men…was this..

Infact, i had so much fun that Gina got worried and she sent me a ‘telling me off message’ that read this:


Emily got really drunk..as did I, but made her way home. She spent her early morning puking down the toilet, which to me and nay Yorkshire girl, means you had a GREAT NIGHT!

I Taxied back to my hotel, with every boy i know in London trying to text me to ‘come play’ as I snap chatted and texted every being I knew in Yorkshire, all night!

The taxi driver was lovely, and mad that I kept falling asleep. I flung into the hotel. The reception folk looked at me and grinned, like I was some kind of hot party Princess…gone wrong.

I got to my room…longest corridor walk ever…got to my room, everything went mental because it was all very modern and techy. My curtains and blonds were remote control…and when drunk this is hilarious.

I mean before I went out, i was all posey and divine..


When I got back…the lights were turning on and odd, I was in my House of CB dress, the curtains were opening and closing, the blinds flying up and down…it was manic. It was mental. I can’t work technology for SHIT when sober, let alone drunk.

I took off my hair pieces, slipped out of my dress and well in my absolute moment of exhaustion, passed out, naked to sleep.


I’m gonna miss Em’s..

But i’m glad it was one of the last thing we did together before she goes ‘bye bye.’

Forbidden Nights! YOU MUST GO AND SEE. In fact because I was Tweeting and snap chatting everything, there was such a hoo haa about them caused. A very sexy ‘hoo haa.’

Just so you know, they are going on tour, they have a residency at Clapham Grand…and are there every Saturday! You can book the for anything, so please do…they are worth every penny and bit of entertainment. All lovely guys. Really lovely. Sooo soo sweet! All great performers and really talented.

If you do wish to book them…please contact gina@forbidden nights.co.uk

In fact, i’m going to book them! I’m gonan throw a Wunna party at a club soon…and they’re going to be my guest perfomers!

Forbidden Nights!

Best male variety act in town!

I woke up the next morning fresh as daisy…

I checked out of my hotel and got on a train back to Yorkshire at noon.






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